Saugerties firefighters to help Santa deliver candy on Christmas

To celebrate the holiday, many fire departments in the area are distributing candy to kids. But so far as we know, only one – the Saugerties Fire Department – does this on Christmas Day, which makes its candy run particularly special, noted fire chief Dave Mason. In 91 years of candy deliveries, the Fire Department only once tried a different day, and it just wasn’t the same, noted Mason.

This year’s 92nd annual Christmas Candy Run, held Sunday, December 25, actually consists of two runs: one scheduled at 9 a.m. and the other starting after 12 noon and ending about 3 p.m. The small bags of candy will, of course, be delivered by Santa, escorted by a retinue of firemen.

Mason said that Santa covers every street in the village, including several apartment buildings. The firemen pack the candy the week before, and he estimates between 500 and 1,000 bags are distributed. The C. A. Lynch Hose Company #2 started the tradition, but it was so many years ago that no one knows exactly how or by whom. Doesn’t matter: The important thing is that Santa will once again be coming to town, bringing a thrill and bit of magic to the young children of Saugerties.