Meet the candidates: Darren Chlud

Darren Chlud is the divorced father of two children, Brittany 20, and Darren 18. He’s a graduate of Saugerties High School. He’s worked in the construction industry for more than 25 years, and currently has his own landscaping business as well as managing apartments at Hickory Ridge. He is a Democrat, and is endorsed by the Working Families Party. “I want to thank those who have supported me, and if elected I’ll do the best I can. I especially want to thank (Highway Superintendent) Bernie Ellsworth for the great job he has done; I hope I can do as well.

What qualities should a good highway superintendent possess?

Good at working with people, helping with problems, working with men.

What relevant experience do you have?

Worked for Ciarlante blacktopping and road maintenance, Ray Mayonne construction and has had his own landscaping business for the past seven years. Has managed apartments at Hickory Ridge, a job that requires him to meet the needs of the apartment dwellers while working within a budget.


What is the relationship between an elected highway superintendent and the town board?

To get along with the board, work together, and try to resolve any problems that come up. The highway superintendent needs to keep an open relationship with the board.

What differences are there between running a town government department and supervision in the private sector?

Right now I work at Hickory Ridge Apartments. I have a budget I have to follow, like a mini version of a town department. I have 90 apartments, and I have to stay within a budget and also meet the needs of the people.

Is party affiliation relevant to the job of highway superintendent?

I don’t think highway superintendent is a political job. Not like town board, which makes political decisions. A pothole is a pothole, not a Democratic pothole, a Republican pothole or a Conservative pothole. You fix it the same way.