No meats, no

Like many stories, it all began with a dream. In this case, it was the dream of a young woman who wanted to find a way to eat healthy and help others do the same. Now, 20 years later, Roni Shapiro is realizing that dream with the opening of Healthy Gourmet To-Go at 12 Market Street.

Shapiro, a vegan, said she began her quest for a healthier diet when she decided that she didn’t want to eat animals. After she learned of the adverse environmental impact raising animals for meat has, she was sold. She held a number of jobs in NYC vegan eateries before starting her own Healthy Gourmet To-Go business there, renting space in commercial kitchens and delivering her meals to fellow vegans and those looking to learn about the lifestyle. Her shop on Market Street is her first storefront.

After moving into the Hudson Valley, Shapiro began to travel throughout the area and came upon Saugerties.


“It’s a beautiful, wonderful town,” she said.

And when she saw that 12 Market Street, site of a number of previous restaurants, was available she jumped at the chance to lease it.

“It’s exciting,” Shapiro said of having her own place to cook, “and the people of the town have been so welcoming.”

She has also found a community that is interested in learning how to eat healthier. In addition to her delivery and take-out business, Shapiro also operates a catering company and is offering holiday platters, which can be ordered for company parties.

Who is her audience? Well, anybody who might want to “help end animal suffering, help end global warming, and experience optimal health and weight loss,” says Shapiro.

The shop is take-out only. She also does catering, with a delivery area consisting of Westchester, New York City, northern New Jersey, and Albany.

To read more of Shapiro’s story or find out more about all the food options available, visit, or just call her at 914-388-2162.

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  1. Jim Van Alstine

    I have had the pleasure of sampling Roni’s food. She is an amazing cook. Her food is very healthy,
    colorful, creative, satisfying and simply delicious.

  2. Danyelle

    I am happy to see more people attempting to change the way we think about food and what we are consuming– Consumers have the right to know where their food comes from and how animals are treated before they reach their plates. This is a good, short video to watch about this topic: Or visit for information on adapting a more compassionate lifestyle.

  3. Salomé

    We get Roni’s awesome vegan (and in our case gluten-free too) food every week in Brooklyn, and love it! Can’t wait to see the market!

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