Letter: GOP chair strikes again

Joe Roberti Jr. continues his reckless banter about abstract topics instead of presenting a credible platform that his candidates will run on.

Let’s just pick two things from his recent letter that he presented as facts.

Mr. Roberti denies that the current owner of the Glasco housing project was being courted by him and his party. Michael Vallarella was in fact being courted by the Republican Party to be a candidate for Town Board. Surely Mr. Robert, you must remember carrying petitions which you signed and notarized on his behalf. If you can’t, copies are available for anyone to see at the Ulster County Board of Elections. If there is any question, Mr. Roberti, please call me and I can send you a copy of the petition that you were carrying. Mr. Vallarella presumably came to his better judgment and chose not to run for you.


Second, you picked out the fact that I lauded the current Town Board’s stellar financial planning. Mr. Roberti, Kosco, Simulaids, Elna Magnetics, Lazy Swan, Diamond Mills, and Craig Thomas Pest Control have all moved or decided to build in Saugerties because they realize the good position we are in and direction we are going. Surely you have seen the negative budget increase the Town Board has put together for the coming year. Comparatively Saugerties has the lowest tax rates in the Hudson Valley, a fact you cannot deny without a flat-out lie.

Lastly, the biggest difference between Fred Costello Jr., Leeanne Thornton, and Greg Helsmoortel, and the Republican candidates and party in general is integrity. The candidates you are putting up, you are expecting them to work for you, cater to your own interests and to try to further your political agenda. You have made countless backroom deals and bargains to advance your agenda! We don’t need that kind of practice in this town. We believe in honesty, integrity, leadership and dignity, clearly something you and your cronies lack.

And by the way, try to show some respect if you can and use a person’s real name: “Fred Costello Jr.,” not “Freddie Costello,” and the proper spelling of Leeanne’s last name is “Thornton” not “Tornton.” We are not on an elementary playground and don’t appreciate you “dumbing down” the important issues of the electoral process.

Paul Rinaldi