Letters to the editor, Oct. 13, 2011

A friendly reminder

The edition of Oct. 27 will be the last edition in which letters criticizing a candidate for office in the Nov. 8 general election are printed, so as to allow for a response from a candidate or the candidate’s supporters. Letters endorsing a candidate which contain no criticism of his or her opponent will be considered for publication in the Nov. 3 issue. As always, letters are run at the sole discretion of the editor and in whatever form the editor decides.


I’m voting McDonough

When it comes to choosing an alderman for Kingston’s Fifth Ward, the choice is an easy one. Janai McDonough has already proven she has what it takes and is the type of person we need on our Common Council.

She wasn’t even a candidate and managed to get the DA’s office, KPD, the Freeman and a multitude of concerned citizens into her living room when a crisis arose. McDonough was the one who stood up and made change happen. Not once but multiple times and put together multiple meetings between citizens and local officials.


She has even researched and drafted legislation for a Parental Responsibility Ordinance for our city that Common Council will be voting on soon, all while being an everyday citizen like the rest of us.

McDonough put together a community party and although she would never take the credit, she was the one who did most of the work. Everyone involved knows who called them to set things up, asked for volunteers and donations. When a problem arose she was the one to find alternative solutions so that things ran smoothly and the day was a success for the kids and families.

I have personally witnessed Mr. Carey following her lead at meetings and during the day of the party it was McDonough he went to for answers. If Carey is coming to others for answers and direction what does that really say about what kind of alderman he will be? I have no real opinion on Mr. Johnson because no one knows who the guy is and even though Mr. Woerner is my neighbor, none of us have ever seen or spoken to him.

When it comes to making a real difference in our ward do we want the guy who’s going to do as he’s told by everyone else? The guy who no one has ever heard of, the guy who’s never engaged his own neighbors? Or the woman who has already demonstrated that she will stand up for us, do everything she can to ensure our concerns and ward issues are addressed and who has the skills to do it?