Letters to the editor, Sept. 8, 2011

Indy’s choice is Gallo
The Independence Party members and board chose Shayne Gallo as our candidate for Mayor of the City of Kingston. Independence Party voters from the City of Kingston supported this choice.
On Sept. 13, the polling stations will have ballots with Shayne Gallo’s name printed on them. Shayne Gallo is the only candidate who earned the Independence Party endorsement. We ask that primary election voters send a clear message that the Independence Party values the efforts of our selection process and support the candidate that best embodies the values of our party. Open and transparent government is the mission of the Independence Party. The Independence Party endorses Shayne Gallo because, of the candidates who sought our line, he best exemplifies these values. Please vote for Shayne Gallo for mayor on Primary Day, Sept. 13.
Joe DiFalco
Incoming City of Kingston Independence Party chair
Frank Simpson
Incoming City of Kingston Independence Party vice-chair

Clement’s the choice
I’ve just had the dubious distinction of having turned 73 this August. I’ve either lived or worked in Kingston all my life. I can’t say I remember the D&H Canal, but I have watched the knitting mills, shirt factories, meat packers and IBM come and go.
I know the economy is changing. I don’t expect a return of the shirt factories, but I also know there are new opportunities for Kingston out there.
I’ve lived through many Mayors in my lifetime. Three, in my opinion, were exceptional: Ray Garraghan, Frank Koenig and T.R. Gallo.
This year we have an opportunity to elect a man who I believe can be our next exceptional mayor: Hayes Clement.
Without a doubt, I have found Hayes Clement to be an engaged, creative leader in many critical aspects of civic life, not just in politics. I feel strongly that he is the most qualified candidate for mayor. Hayes possesses an extensive business background that I consider critical to the fight for more business investment and, ultimately, more job opportunities in this community.