Letters to the editor, Sept. 8, 2011

He understands that the Rondout is one of the most scenic spots on the Hudson and that the approval and construction of Hudson Landing, a rail trail network and other amenities is critical to redeveloping that area. He understands that the Stockade area needs much more than a parking garage to help the small businesses, restaurants, and shops in that area. He understands the need to revitalize Midtown, which is the gateway to our city.
He will look creatively at reducing city costs through more shared services with surrounding communities and Ulster County, and how to develop clear-cut goals and objectives for what City Hall delivers to taxpayers.
Perhaps even more importantly, Hayes understands that being a successful mayor is not a solo act — that it requires an ability to build consensus around ambitious goals and to build bridges between diverse corners of our community. In his work as alderman, as a media executive and as a community leader, Hayes has demonstrated the skills, maturity, and temperament demanded to put political grudges aside, bring people together and make good things happen.
I truly believe that Hayes Clement would make an outstanding mayor. Please join me in supporting him by voting in the Democratic or Independence party primaries this coming Tuesday, Sept. 13.
David A. Roach

Thoughts on King’s Inn
As a lifelong resident, taxpayer and business owner I have had interactions with most of the individuals and city staff reportedly involved in this matter. I expect individual private businesses to act in their own self-interests but the experienced career public servants involved (I know they are not perfect) are paid good salary and terrific benefits to protect the taxpayers — tolerating anything less condones corruption.
Bill Berardi

Three cheers for Carrie!
I have been meaning to write to you to point out what a pleasant experience it was dealing with Ms. Carrie Jones Ross as she researched the Town of Esopus Main Street grant. She is a professional and passionate about having the right story printed. She was instrumental in reconciling the various parties in this project and we have just closed the books fully funding all the streetscape expenditures for our town.
She is also now covering our Bicentennial. Again I am happy to work with her to present the story of our efforts here in Port Ewen and the Town of Esopus as a whole.
With New York State DOT improvements to Route 9W, the MSG improvements, the Sojourner Truth Memorial and statue efforts, as well as the Tugboats & Taste of Esopus on Oct. 1, 2011, we are pleased you have such good journalist covering this for your paper.
Lois M. Ingellis
Town of Esopus



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