Free Covid tests still available

I spent a couple of hours at Caremount Urgent Care this morning with my child. Nothing serious, just a little wound that needed caring for. We had to wait for about two hours. We were one of three non-Covid-related patients to come in.

Several people had scheduled booster shots, a few people wanted to sign up for boosters, and probably 25 to 35 people came in wanting to be tested for Covid. There were families with little ones ranging from a baby about a year old to teenagers who had outgrown their parents. There were single people on the verge of tears because they felt symptoms. There were people who had no symptoms but had been in contact with positive Covid cases.

One guy in his early twenties had to catch a plane the next day and needed a negative test to board.


Each was told that there was a minimum three-hour waiting time. They could wait in their cars if they wanted.  Folks said they had searched high and low for At-Home kits. They were under the impression that if they went through the county they would have days to wait to schedule a testing. They felt as though they had no other options, so they all reluctantly put their names on the list and went to sit in their cars until it was their turn.

What other choice did they have?

I called the county executive’s office. They were eager to tell me that there are two more At-Home giveaways in the next two days. On Wednesday, December 29 at 6 p.m. 3000 At-Home tests will be given away in the parking lot of the county part of the former Tech City in the Town of Ulster. On Thursday, December 30 at 6 p.m. another 3000 At-Home tests will be given away at the Ulster County fairgrounds in New Paltz.

Each car is limited to one testing kit.

With 33,000 at-home tests being given away during the past nine days. it appears the demand for these testing kits is not to be satisfied.