Covid game ain’t over

Out of 965 persons tested for Covid 19 in Ulster County this Monday, ten percent (98) tested positive, one of the highest ratios during the present wave. The number of Ulster County Covid fatalities during the present pandemic now stands at 309. The proportion of people 18 or over who’ve had at least one dose of a vaccine has reached 85.8 percent, and for those who’ve completed their series 69.5 percent.

Now that children as young as five years old can be vaccinated – at a smaller dose, of course – more young people will be protected. That may mean that more kids will go to school and eventually all things being equal be less like to contract Covid in school.

In last week’s HV1, reporter Crispin Kott interviewed four area local schools superintendents. He asked them how many students in their districts had tested positive for Covid.


It was noted that many student infections occur in places other than the schools.

Though the results probably varied more from the makeup of their communities than from their attentiveness to their Covid protocols, it was interesting to see how striking the differences were. In the Saugerties school district, 4.71 percent of the student population have contracted Covid during this school year. At Onteora, the ratio was 3.27 percent, and in Kingston 3.65 percent. In the New Paltz schools, it was 0.74 percent.

“We are grateful for the lower instances,” superintendent Angela Urbina-Medina told Kott, “but the game is not over.”