HBO seeks nude beefcake for Pretty Little Liars

Are you male and young enough to pass for a high school student? Do you aspire to be a paid actor? Most importantly, have you got a ripped bod and no fear of showing it off to the world? HBO Max wants to hear from you, stat.

For months now, the cable network has been filming its series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin at Upriver Studios in Saugerties and at various locations around the mid-Hudson. Every so often, a casting call goes out seeking local background performers. If you’re selected, that means you have no lines and might show up onscreen for a second or two – eating lunch at a cafeteria table while two principal characters have a conversation in the foreground, for instance. The pay is pretty decent. And if you’re willing to appear stark naked, it’s even better. The latest announcement from casting agency Castifi calls for background actors to appear as football players in a “non-sexual” locker-room scene. “There will be full and partial nudity in this scene,” says the job description.

We’re talking full frontal here, for some. That’ll get you $1,000 for an eight-hour day; $500 for partial nudity. The scene will be shot on Tuesday, December 14.


There’s also a $100 stipend for a COVID test, to be administered on Monday, December 13. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and be fully vaccinated for at least 14 days.

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