If you are 18+ you are eligible for a booster shot

Amidst rising numbers in Ulster County Pat Ryan encourages people to get a booster shot. He voices concern that people do not realize all Ulster County residents 18+ are eligible, not just seniors and high risk individuals. Read his entire press release for more information.

I’m writing again today to those who signed up with our COVID-19 vaccine information email list to encourage all Ulster County residents over the age of 18 to get a booster dose before Thanksgiving.

I know there has been some confusion, or at least some ambiguity, about who is eligible for a COVID booster.  We saw recently Governor Hochul and federal leaders clarify, and I want to be clear that almost every resident aged 18 and older in Ulster County is eligible.

The eligibility criteria for COVID-19 boosters is broad:

  • Everyone over the age of 18 who received a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine series at least 6 months ago:

    • If you are 65 or older

    • If you live in any type of congregate setting

    • If you have an underlying medical condition

    • If you work within 6 feet of other people, whether paid or volunteer

    • If you live with someone who is high risk

  • Everyone over the age of 18 who received a Johnson & Johnson/Janssen single dose at least 2 months ago

If you have questions about eligibility, you are almost certainly eligible.  And I want to stress the urgency and how essential it is, as we head into the holidays in just a week and as we head ultimately into the winter, that everyone get their booster shot.


The Ulster County Department of Health will run two PODs next week ahead of the Thanksgiving and Hanukkah holidays.  Click the link below for the vaccine you’d like to reserve.

If you have any questions about making an appointment, or if you have computer accessibility or tech issues, call the Recovery Service Center at (845) 443-8888.

If you look at what happened between mid-November and early December 2020, we saw a 378% increase in active cases. We’re at a similar moment now in 2021, where we’re starting to see a slow build of another possible wave. The decisions we make and the precautions we take in the next week or two really will be determinative of whether we have another big spike or whether we can keep things at a relative plateau. Our goal is to not repeat what happened last year during the winter. So I encourage all residents who are eligible, which is basically anyone over the age of 18 who completed the vaccine series at least 2 (J&J/Janssen) to 6 months (Pfizer, Moderna) ago to get the COVID-19 booster.

Pat Ryan
Ulster County Executive

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