Save the Mountain album 40th anniversary celebrated on Radio Woodstock

Kurt Henry

Over 40 years ago, the longest environmental struggle in American history inspired a repertoire of protest that echoed through the mountains. With the prize, Lake Minnewaska was preserved for all time as a New York State Park Preserve. Friends of the Shawangunks and many others are still at work growing the greater Shawangunk Preserve for citizens of the world to enjoy whenever they wish.

In addition to the park and one of New York’s greatest environmental victories, there was also inspiring music captured on a recording simply titled Save the Mountain. To celebrate the 40th anniversary, and with the generosity and support of Gary Chetkof and the entire team at Radio Woodstock WDST, two special programs will be presented. The first will be Woodstock Roundtable, hosted by Doug Grunther on February 28 from 7 to 9 a.m., featuring co-producer Kurt Henry, slated to join Grunther at 8:10 a.m. to talk about the history and making of the vinyl LP. Then, on April 5, there will be a gala one-hour celebration on Album of the Week at 9 p.m., featuring the team of three co-producers: Hali Hammer, Kurt Henry and Michael Klein. Henry will be the featured guest on Grunther’s long-running program of “Conversation Improv.”

“Kurt has been a prominent eclectic musician in the Hudson Valley for almost 50 years,” said Klein. “With co-producers Hali Hammer and myself, he helped capture the movement and make it into an inspirational soundtrack of all the beautiful voices that turned out because they were inspired by the mountain.”


The February 28 Woodstock Roundtable promises to be an informative warm-up to the April 5 Album of the Week show, which will occur on the very date and hour of the original Save the Mountain release concert at Woodstock’s famed Joyous Lake.

The playlist for the Save the Mountain album can be found at