New Paltz condemns Capitol attack

Members of New Paltz’s town council and village board of trustees have jointly denounced the chaos which beset the halls of congress on January 6, and called for a full investigation into those events, as well as the resignation or removal of elected officials who helped incite the violence, specifically including President Trump. With this joint resolution, these New Paltz officials “condemn this stark and undeniable display of white supremacy to overturn the will of the people” and ask for an investigation into the apparent lack of preparedness to turn away the mob, as well as the seeming preferential treatment given to the protestors in comparison to those protesting for racial justice over the summer. Five people died during the attack, which saw the vice president rushed to safety and members of congress huddling in barricaded rooms over the course of about six hours.

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  1. Denny Crane

    Funny, I didn’t hear this kind of condemnation coming from the New Paltz officials, when, during the summer, rioters in support of BLM looted and burned down my clothing store all in the name of George Floyd.

    1. Brett

      That’s probably because this past summer no one tried to invade the Capitol building and overturn a free and fair election. Does that make sense to you or would you prefer to continue the mental gymnastics?

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