Drum circle keeps the beat going at Woodstock’s village green

The Freedom First tent. (Photos by Dion Ogust)

“The people want a sense of the normal,” said Kevin Johnson. “We know those guys are there Sunday afternoons, and it’s a semblance of normalcy.”

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, a sense of routine has returned to the village green in Woodstock. Now in its 21st year, a drum circle continues every Sunday afternoon from 4 to 6 p.m. For Woodstock, that’s normal.

“We just put up a perimeter with safety tape, and only a certain number of people are in there,” said Kevin Johnson, who has led the drum circles since the beginning. “You only go in there if you’ve got a mask. Only a certain number of dancers can be in here. We swap out if we’ve got more people than we need to do it.”


Johnson spoke from his Timekeeper Drums weekend pop-up shop out of his box truck across from the nearby flea market. He belongs to a drum-circle facilitators’ guild and has put in place Covid 19 protocols based on their recommendations.

The first drum circle in town started about 40 or 50 years ago during full-moon gatherings at Magic Meadow, near the Overlook Mountain trailhead. The full-moon gatherings continue. The drumming on the green spun out of that.

“There was a guy that used to play a boom box out on the bench every week, and the Chamber of Commerce wanted him to go away,” explained Johnson. “So they were going to ban all noise out on the green. Anything and everything. I and a few others got wind of this.”

Eventually, negotiations resulted in the drum circle being given a time slot on Sunday afternoons. “When we started this, we had summer-long meetings with every type of official you could think of,” said Johnson. “We had the church, we had the supervisor, we had a mediator. There was never anything official. The [Reformed] church didn’t write anything up .… And that’s worked for 21 years.”

The weekly drum circle at the Village Green in Woodstock.

Even after the agreement, many business owners weren’t happy. They came around when they realized the drummers spent money after the weekly circles. “Everybody’s happy with us now. In fact they’re pissed at these (Freedom First) people for screwing around with us,” Johnson said.

Recently, when a branch of the Freedom First Party set up a tent, and a few people started distributing literature and refusing to wear masks on the village green during the drumming. The only police involvement in the past that Johnson can recall was when people tried to evade law enforcement by blending in with the crowd.

The town has provided as much help as it can. The police have tried to keep the peace.

Part of the village green belongs to the Dutch Reformed Church. Under a longstanding agreement with the church, the town maintenance department keeps the area clean and the police patrol it. The church decides which groups can use it, and the drum circle is authorized to do so.

“Last week, they sent somebody in with a camera,” Johnson said of the Freedom First group. That somebody was Paula Gloria Barton, who along with her husband, Joe Barton, have made drum-circle participants feel uncomfortable with their presence. “From my perspective, there’s supposed to be no politics on church property. So I escorted her out and they sent in one of their big, burly guys to get in my face about it,” Johnson said. “We shouldn’t have to be putting up with this kind of shit. The church has done whatever they can do. They’ve got that ironed out.”

The town can only do so much. Supervisor Bill McKenna has done what he can do. “He’s got them on the corner,” said Johnson. “And the police really can’t do anything else unless they actually slug me or something. So we’re kind of at a standstill for the time being.”

Johnson said he even recently announced the Freedom First Party’s presence and invited anyone to go talk to them if they wanted more information. “Of course, nobody went over there. And the idea is somebody can go over and visit them, but do not bring your politics into my drum circle, ok,” Johnson said. “Otherwise it’s going okay. The people who are coming are cooperating.”

Johnson said he has tried to avoid confrontation with the Bartons because of their reputation for being “very litigious people.”

In a recent Facebook post, Johnson said he was going to step back from his organizational duties amid concerns the situation could escalate. He returned after the Freedom First Party tent was moved to another corner with a bit more distance from the circle. Johnson said there’s still  opportunity for an altercation.

Before the pandemic, Johnson used to bring “cartloads of drums” so anyone who wanted could join. That addition was a hit with tourists. 

Things have changed. “Now the only people I got coming are the people who bring the own equipment, and those are usually the regulars, anyway,” he said. “The tourists still come and watch from outside the designated, taped-off area, but not as many as came before.’

As the cold weather approaches, Johnson hopes the circle can meet again in Maria’s Bazaar, a nearby store, as before, of course with social distancing.

“Personally, I’m just happy we’re able to do it at all,” Johnson said. “I cannot tell you how many people have come up to me and tell me I’m glad you guys are doing it.”

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  1. paulagloria

    This article on the Freedom First Party and the Woodstock Community Drum Circle has so many untruths, as anyone who saw the footage on Woodstock TV of July 5th, 12th, and 19th knows, we demand another article interviewing us, the Bartons. You came out and took a picture of our Freedom First Party Tent (which is a political party in formation started 20 years ago by my husband Joe Barton after talking to the Attorney General at the time, Eliot Spitzer) but never once did you interview us to get your facts straight. We are not a branch of anything and you have allowed Kevin Johnson to slander us in your paper without interviewing us to get our side of the story. This shows bias on the part of your paper. Your article has so many inaccuracies from the slanders of Kevin Johnson but if you want the real facts we have the video footage of everything that happened which shows who is bullying who. Dare you look at it to know the truth or are you content with merely printing the numerous libelous statements of Kevin Johnson without so much as introducing yourself to us last Sunday, let alone get our comments?
    Joe and Paula Gloria Barton

    1. Bill H

      Your so-called “political party in formation” has had 20 years, according to you, to organize a platform, articulate what you stand for, and you have had at least ten years establish an online presence. So where is all that? Political parties do take time to form and grow, but where are the fruits of your and your husband’s 20 years of labor? SHOW us, or stop claiming to be a political party in order to legitimize yourselves. And, frankly, talking to an attorney general means nothing.

      Perhaps it would not take 20 years (and counting) to form a political party if you had a platform, and were reasonable. Fighting against wearing masks is fighting against science, common sense, and being reasonable. Your membership is not going to grow far beyond the two of you if this is your chosen fight. And –something to think about — if you would be courteous enough to wear masks around others, far more people would be attracted to whatever it is that you stand for.

      1. Joe Barton

        Bill H –
        I established the Freedom First Party not for the purpose of running a candidate or supporting democrats or republicans but for the purpose of getting our elected officials to honor their oath to the Constitution. I expect public servants to respect the people’s rights as protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights and not take large campaign contributions from banks, Wall street, Big Pharma and other big corporations in order to protect their interests while violating the inalienable rights of We The People. The Freedom First Party was started to support the free speech and voice of the people which is as relevant today as 20 years ago. We are not trying to support politicians that ignore their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution. I would point out to you that the Constitution is a contract between We the People and those employees of We the People that you call “government”. When We the People made the Constitution we delegated certain authorities to those elected officials who have now overstepped their authority. No where in our Constitutional contract with them did We the People delegate them the authority to tell us how we should live our lives, that we have to social distance, that we have to have mandatory house arrest for 14 days without due process and that we have to wear masks when all the real scientific data states wearing a mask is detrimental to your health. God made you to breath in oxygen and breath out harmful bacteria. By wearing a mask you deprive yourself of adequate oxygen and when you rebreath the harmful bacteria that your body wants to exhale, you increase the virulence of that harmful bacteria. If you choose to wear a mask that is your right but do not tell me I must. If you want the scientific evidence to back what we are saying go on youtube check out Dr Rashid Buttar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hch33RhTyLg
        check out Dr. Andrew Kaufman with Bob Unger – NY attorney
        check out Amandha Vollmer
        Bombshell Evidence that COVID RNA Base Pairs are Identical to Chromosome 8 Human DNA
        Jon Rappoport Questioning Covid And Lockdowns on The Vinny Eastwood Show
        We have done many TV and radio shows and had scientific experts speak on these issues so we are not just making stuff up. We have done the research which is obvious from your attacks on us, you have not.
        Joe Barton

        1. Bill H

          Joe, when I do research I ask the following critical minded questions: 1) who is the author and what qualifies the author as an authority? 2) why is the author arguing the specific point? 3) what biases or limitations might this author have? 4) are their other experts that corroborate this author? 5) are they reliable? 6) is the author’s work accepted or rejected by others in the field? 7) what other points of view are there that might contradict this author? 8) who are the people that disagree with the author, and what are their reasons? And the biggest one of all for critical thinkers, 9) why do I believe this author over those that disagree? Am I thinking critically, or just looking for data that affirms what I already believe? Why do I reject all the other information out there and choose this author as “the truth”?

          I did spend some time looking at what you posted here, and I am going to have to go with REAL experts in the field of global infectious disease. One of your sources has argued that there is no virus, and another merely suggests it. One of them, Dr. Buttar, has argued on different occasions that 1) Fauci himself created the virus; 2) the 5G network created the virus; and 3) that “chemtrails” caused the virus. Another owns a store in Ontario that sells medical bracelets and a slew of so-called natural remedies. She was a biology major on college and is a Dr in “naturopathy,” which she claims not to practice in her work. Another of your sources has in the past argued that AIDS is not a virus, and is headed down the same road with the virus we are dealing with now.

          In a previous article about your group’s drum circle non-mask-wearing event, I and a few others provided a great deal of scientific research for you to explore. I encourage you to put it all to the test with the critical minded questions I offer above. Weigh ALL the evidence instead of simply looking for affirmations of what you already believe.

          1. paulagloria

            Bill H “In a previous article about your group’s drum circle non-mask-wearing event, I and a few others provided a great deal of scientific research for you to explore.” can you provide the links here because I don’t know which research you are talking about….the N95 boxes themselves say they do not protect from infectious disease. Would the authors you are suggesting be open to being part of a (World Class) symposium on this topic hosted in Woodstock so we can turn away from the tedious topic of Masks/no Masks toward something this town desperately needs, ideas for prosperity? You surely are not suggesting that Kevin Johnson is an expert on wearing masks…..yet he had ALL the attention with so very many facts contradicted by video evidence….you saw the tone of the young couple (Michael Wallch) who only witnessed a tiny amount of abuses Kevin Johnson threw at us. He was stunned at the power of the slander against us…we who carry the marijuana stigma.

          2. Bill H

            Paula, the links I and others provided in response to you, were in the HV1 article titled “Maskless group intimidates Woodstock drum circle” from a couple of weeks ago. HV1 has since closed the comments, so they are gone. Sorry, but I do not have the time to do that work again. I remember that you had claimed that the CDC did not have any science to back up their claim that masks work, and I linked to the research that they say drives their position:

            This article from UC San Fransisco is helpful, and provides some very help links to the science.

            I do realize that we are not going to change each other’s minds here regarding Covid 19 and the use of masks. The gulf to too wide. Our understanding of what “science” and “truth” is too different. I can live with that, but I cannot live with folks in my community flouting mask wearing protocols in public. However, nor can I justify Johnson’s alleged behavior.

          3. paulagloria

            Oh dear Bill! I followed your link that looks so “official and scientific”

            and here is what it said:

            “There are several strands of evidence supporting the efficacy of masks.”

            Now you say the gulf is too wide….that is because I regard the public with respect and worthy of proper scientific studies, not “strands of evidence” gimmie a break…maybe that is good enough for Captain Trips or the lady that thinks COVID is the name of a virus (vs SARS 2 with all the baloney of the SARS 1 so called epidemic a couple years back.

            Which publication, world wide, will actually enlighten people? I believe this is an incredible opportunity for those awake and with faith in life, liberty and freedom for all. Just like God intended it (but we always get stuck in egos and can’t see it) peace and thanks for the heads up so I can copy and paste all this hard work before it is taken down (like the comments in the first article)

      2. Mark Simeone

        Poor Kevin, I feel for you and understand your anger and upsetness. Truly I do, truly.

        You would think after twenty some years of beating on those drums like a chimpanzee you would ascend to not only the number one percussionist and be better appreciated by the police, but would have more say. This is an outrage!

        Senior CITIZENS in America should have less rights in this land…far less.
        Thank God we have people like you around to keep them contained.

        Mr. Kevin for President!

  2. lilac

    I am the woman in your picture,, the way you depict kevin here as a ‘good guy is very narrow minded. Kevin runs the drum circle not the law,, he can not put his fake beliefs on the public, with all do respect. I am deeply rooted in this community and know all the businesses around are apposed to the mask wearing lie.
    I expected more of journalism rather than 1 sided story from you..
    Now, publish this.
    Freedom first. LILAC.

    1. Bill H

      “…and know all the businesses around are apposed to the mask wearing lie.” This is simply not true, neighbor.

      You also refer to, “the mask wearing lie.” What is the lie? How do you know it is a lie (you, specifically, not what other people say they read or witnessed)? What information did you find that proves to you that it’s a lie? I challenge you to explore those questions deeply.

      1. paulagloria

        Bill H please go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APMLDOR_fAU
        and see a man, Dr Andrew Kaufman lay out the science and better yet lets get Woodstock to host stellar conferences with such great teacher/scientists! Lets make Woodstock a world class conference destination point and move away from where it appears to be headed…that is some kind of Marijuana Disneyland replete with casinos and brothels! Regarding the Freedom First Party being in formation for 20 years….busts without warrants, bank fraud fights (we have never been “litigious” against innocence), illegal evictions, relentless hacking on our computer and theft of intellectual property takes their toll on an “elderly couple”. While I appreciate Michael Wallach’s kindness towards us his facts too need to be checked as I DID leave my chair to video the drum circle and dancers as I have for many years, putting the footage on public access channels in Woodstock as well as Manhattan where I had a daily show before illegal eviction.
        Paula Gloria Barton

        1. Bill H

          Paula, I hear you and a hear with Kaufman is arguing about the fallibility of the Covid-19 tests (by the way, those in power have been clear about the fallibility of the tests, as well). But I am not willing to choose to ignore all the other science. And I am willing to risk feeling foolish down the road having worn a mask that maybe was not needed, and keeping some physical distance for a while, in order to be sure that I do not get vulnerable people sick, or possibly kill them.

          And I think where we go wrong is where we embrace the false dichotomy that says that any controls put on a population is part of a vast conspiracy by those in power to “control us”. That kind of conspiratorial thinking can be much more oppressive to our own minds than the reality in which many of us live. For example, when the government imposed speed limits was it because the science showed that going to fast caused more accidents, or because the government was trying to control us?

          But I do very much appreciate your and Joe’s fight on the marijuana front.

          1. Joe Barton

            Bill H – We have done so much research and have had on our shows experts. We are not going with “conspiracy theories” but hard science and due process. Your comment on speed limits: this is not government dictating policies but good common sense. Yes, we should all stop at red lights. Some laws that the legislature pass are beneficial. We are not anti-government. We are anti-tyrany. When Government mandates without proper science which you keep stating there is but if you had watched the videos that we sent, especially Dr Kaufman who says he has done the research and can tell you where to find it, that COVID has never been isolated and that the number of infections and deaths are wildly inflated, yet more people die from the flu, we’ve never shut down local businesses, made everyone wear masks, self quarantine for the flu. I am not saying some people haven’t gotten sick and even died but this is no pandemic. It is a scamdemic perpetrated by Big Pharma through the media. When you speak the truth to power you are labeled a conspiracy theorist but conspiracies are real otherwise conspiracy would not be THE most indicted crime in all 50 states. What do you think RICO is? We have never had our opinions printed in the paper because the media fears people who tell the truth. Our only option is to answer the name callers who do not present real scientific evidence on this website. The media is financed by Big Pharma who created this scare campaign to control the herd so they line up for the vaccines which have all kinds of poisons in them and have been proved in court to do many, Big Pharma has paid out billions. I suggest you watch the links I sent to C Trips

          2. paulagloria

            Bill H – Regarding your comment:
            “But I do very much appreciate your and Joe’s fight on the marijuana front.”
            I appreciate your comment and even in this very edition of the Hudson Valley One were two articles, one on turning the old jail into affordable housing and the second on how the giant new prison is under-occupied and cannot justify its expense (costing almost $200,000/yr to house a single inmate)! The connection between these two stories is an important story in itself and relates to the marijuana issue since many prisoners who have harmed no one are there for marijuana.
            It’s really a shame that our voice has been limited only to this space. The newspaper that went out county wide and slandered us reached many more people than we can reach on this site. Is it possible that the Hudson Valley One wants to keep our side of the story, our voice limited? We believe so or they would have contacted us and printed our side of the story and not just the slanders of Kevin Johnson. We have video evidence of the truth of who is bullying who on the Green but no one in authority wants to look because it might rock their boat of justification to keep us silent. They would prefer to say somehow we interfered with the drum circle which is a blatant lie and shows discrimination against us by the Hudson Valley One. Hudson Valley One FAILS journalism 101 and is aiding and abetting slavery while the Church silently looks on as it did when slaves were actually sold on the Woodstock Green in the mid 1800’s. We think Woodstock can do better than that.

      2. lilac

        Bill H, i will try to answer, but will not go into a back and fourth with you,. i don’t have to do that, i hope you understand. & by the way, were you, yourself, there? at drum circle?
        that said,,
        At this point in time of the ‘scamdemic evolution’ run by profit makers and crooked politicians
        it’s been 6 months,!! wuhan/china is having massive pool parties,,,no masks. Also dozens of countries that never closed or imposed masks,, & are doing just fine. better than here.
        how do i know? i have friends all over the world send me REAL news from their countries. the stats are in: “fakeCorona” even with the inflated numbers, is unimaginably low! hospitals usa ranked in enormous amounts of money just to write: ‘death by corona’ ..
        the death rate is still only 0.0006. of population. That is a fact.
        the predictions said millions… it was, sadly, also a LIE.
        BUT NUMBERS, you see, NEVER LIE.
        (it’s a flu that is less lethal than any previous years. it can be treated easily, vitC, hydroxy, sun.. and recovery is 99.999) if you believe anything else, you have reached a higher level of brainwash. we even know personally a great auntie 101 years old that recovered.. so please.
        What’s more?
        it is a LIE to think viruses can not enter through a cloth mask… or other “mask”
        DO YOUR HOMEWORK. don’t trust me. do your own research, MASKS DON’T WORK.
        meanwhile back to drum circle… and america….
        the unemployment is vast, (50,000,000) and ALL the businesses have been widely effected (not in a good way) by these new ‘recommended measures’,, that are based on propaganda and mass hysteria. its killing our freedoms to operate businesses in complete capacity and draining us all.
        that’s the agenda… (research agenda 2021)
        on this specific Sunday,, i purchased 4 food items in 4 surrounding shops, as i always.. taking the time and asking each of the owners/employees to how they feel…. about this. i did. because i care. i really care. the answers were sad. staffs are experiencing headaches/skin rashes and irritations all over & by their ears.. ((this is being done to the healthy)) unable to make enough money to survive, and are hoping this nightmare comes to an end. if what i just stated, makes you call me neighbor, again, well, that’s your karma..
        my last statement:
        I had the privilege of being raised among the leading scientific institutions in the world (stanford/thechnion/princton among few) and due to that, am connected to too many, real live scientists. i urge you to not rely ever on what anyone says not news not tv newspapers nor radio.
        they are there in my opinion only to give you the direction in which to further explore truths from fiction. the responsibility is yours! you must read both sides. decide for yourself.
        nowadays,everyone holds a computer in their hand so all those questions you ask me you should seek to find the true answers for yourself. i am pleased to see you have questions.
        That, my fellow HudsonVally1 reader, should be led by an ~honest will~to know THE TRUTH.
        May we all awaken to the truth and start supporting each other and caring for one another in a peaceful and loving way 24/7/365 year in & in.
        The Bartons, which I’ve known for over a decade are those kind of people.
        I am so honored to learn from them and enrich them as part of that energy.
        I wait for world peace soon,,

  3. Jo

    I come on to ask for the completion of the sentence, “Recently, when a branch of the Freedom First Party set up a tent, and a few people started distributing literature and refusing to wear masks on the village green during the drumming.” and …

    In any of this, the “church property” angle is not one I would push at all.

    I keep wondering – when whoever wants ultimate power and gets it, what do they get when there is no one to exercise power over.

    1. Nick Henderson

      In response to Jo’s comment, the beginning of the sentence was cut off inadvertently. The full sentence is:
      The drum circle has existed relatively trouble-free until recently, when a branch of the Freedom First Party set up a tent and a few people started distributing literature and refusing to wear masks on the Green during the drumming.

      1. paulagloria

        Nick are you going to do a proper story with our side? For example just this one instance of a “few people” distributing literature is untrue. I went in ONCE to give only a woman who was ALREADY not wearing a mask a small card which showed that the governor’s order did NOT require, only recommended, that masks be used should Kevin try to bully her into what he calls “co-operation” as his rules (which your photo clearly shows) only says that masks are highly recommended. Therefore by law anyone could choose to not take the recommendation (this also MITIGATES the liability for the Governor when science proves correct and people become unhealthy through excessive mask wearing). You characterize this free choice as “refusing to wear masks” making us sound hostel when we are only following the numerous, scientific and peer-reviewed studies that say healthy people should NOT wear masks. Fauci himself says this in medical journals. We have all the video evidence whereas you took it on faith only that a “few people” came in and distributed literature let alone call us a “branch” of the Freedom First Party which was solely created by Joe Barton when Eliot Spitzer was Attorney General (and a mighty fine one at that)
        Paula Gloria Barton

        Nick, You really did not get your story straight. We went to the Green and were minding our own business. Kevin Johnson told us we have to wear masks. We refused to comply with Kevin Johnson’s dictates. We did not go there to disrupt the drum circle. The next two times we went to the Green we went to get petitions signed and we started many hours before the drum circle. Kevin Johnson showed up and started bullying us, saying we can’t be there and called the police on us. When the police officer told Kevin Johnson that he would not arrest us for being there nor would he make us leave, Kevin Johnson threw a temper tantrum, took all his stuff and went home, telling everyone on social media that we interfered with the drum circle! We never interfered with the drum circle as a matter of fact we have on numerous times videoed the drum circle and played it out on our public access TV shows here in Woodstock and in Manhattan. We have always supported the community drum circle but Kevin Johnson on two occasions harassed and intimidated my wife, Paula, backing her up about 12 feet – every time she stepped back a step because of his aggression in her face, Kevin Johnson stepped forward and after he had pushed her back 12 feet, then said, in her face WITH NO MASK ON : “I have COVID how about that?”
        Kevin who says everyone should wear a mask and social distance, neither social distanced from Paula nor wore a mask when he said “I have COVID how about that?” Kevin Johnson’s bullying is what caused conflict, not us peacefully assembling to get signatures on a petition which by the way is a Constitutionally protected right to freedom of assembly and to petition the government for redress of grievances which Kevin Johnson believes he has a right to interfere with.
        If you doubts that what we are saying is untrue we have the video evidence that show the facts..Dare you look at it and see who is harassing who on the Woodstock Village Green? Please since you have printed Kevin Johnson’s libelous story for all to see print this statement in your paper for all to see. If you don’t print our statement you let Kevin Johnson’s lies be told to the community without printing our side which is backed by video evidence of all that happened and we will give you a thumbdrive. This is the second time you allowed slanderous articles against us without the decency and fairness to speak to us. This is discrimination. Print what I have said.
        Joe Barton

    2. paulagloria

      Jo – I am curious why you would not push the church angle? I have both a high regard and faith in the Dutch Reform Church to rein-in those who reflect poorly on their stewardship of the Green as well as their ability to give Woodstock much needed moral oversight in this time of out of control AI (Artificial Intelligence). Although BIll McKenna is angry at me for words put in my mouth regarding my right not to contract away the ability to travel freely as long as I do not harm anyone, Bill did a fabulous job last Sunday August 16th to keep peace on the Green and I hope an entire county-wide uncensored free speech broadcast TV station fully F.C.C. licensed will result. Jo, ultimate power in our land devolved from the King to the People after the revolution, but it requires education and what I call “moral stand-upness”. Don’t give up on the Church.

  4. Jo

    Thinking back many decades, I can’t say I ever found the Green to be other than exlusionary. Whomever was holding forth at any one time, was there to exhibit themselves, or a cause. People unconnected to the particular performance would keep a wide berth. The Green may have been welcoming prior to 1970 or so, but I would not know. It is a public space, but it gets claimed.

    Aren’t there still many places around town for group activities?

    One thing is certain: wear the blasted face coverings. They make most everyone look far more interesting and attractive.

    1. paulagloria

      Jo – “One thing is certain: wear the blasted face coverings. They make most everyone look far more interesting and attractive.” Is it certain that the masks are “blasted”? If so this is a cynical statement and not appreciative about the importance of facial communication something that worries me far more than the fantastic internet stories about child abuse and pedophilia because this is about entire social behavior modification and NOT protection from real health dangers *…I was pleased at Bill H actually listening to the Dr. Andrew Kaufman video and in particular regarding your comment here on attractive people,,etc….could you watch this part at 42 minutes especially https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APMLDOR_fAU “Chromosome 8 w/ David Icke and Dr. Kaufman” where the doctor speaks of hiding the face as a dangerous or tragic expression of shame because my passion for interfaith dialogue is to address the hate crimes on the internet…..in other words we have very real child abuse right under our noses with this mask and social distancing nonsense (because I have NOT seen the science that Bill H indicates was in a past HVO article). I stand to be corrected and my horizons widened but I truly fear for the world we are bring our children into without the benefit of teaching past heroic legacies….like how the Dutch Church is from a tradition that burned a man at the stake by a furious Catholic Church for translating the Bible into English….why doesn’t the Church teach anything like this? Until I went to a Dutch Church in Saugerties and picked up a very old Hymnal where the forward explained this I didn’t know this! I am ashamed I forgot the guy’s name
      * from Bill H’s comment :”And I think where we go wrong is where we embrace the false dichotomy that says that any controls put on a population is part of a vast conspiracy by those in power to “control us”.”

  5. Michael Wallach

    This article is a blatant misuse of the newspaper and profoundly irresponsible journalism. While there are accusations cast against Paula Barton and the folks at the Freedom First party, neither Paula nor any other is ever given a chance to respond. Having been there and watched what happened, I can say without a doubt that this fellow from the drum circle picked a fight with the Bartons out of nowhere. I watched it happen. He was rude, aggressive, and came over and tried to physically intimidate this older couple, who were sitting peacefully in their chairs. It’s really sickening to have seen it and now to see this blatant mischaracterization of what happened. This fellow from the drum circle went and got the police to try to kick the Barton’s off the square, because he felt that they shouldn’t be allowed to sit there. The police man, knowing the law, came over and asked the Barton’s, who had been sitting peacefully in their chairs the whole time, if they wanted to move. As they were at the very edge of the square, they showed him they couldn’t physically have placed their chairs any further back. The police man then said, okay thank you, you are fine where you are. Later, this drum circle guy came over to Paula’s chair and physically intimidated her, spitting and yelling in her face. This was a disgraceful act of this man at the time, and its an equally disgraceful act by the newspaper to further denigrate the Bartons. Whatever you may think of politics, religion, health or social cohesion, I hope your readers and someday this newspaper will come to support basic human respect and decency towards one another. We are all in “it” together, but that shouldn’t mean shouting down elderly people who are calmly and peacefully sharing a different perspective, nor should it mean mischaracterizing them in the local paper.

    1. Joe Barton

      Bill Campion
      We did not “invade” the drum circle. We were there to get signatures on a petition. We have always supported the Drum Circle, not the tyrant who believes because he runs the drum circle he controls the Green and as far as being desperate for attention we have TV and radio shows both in Woodstock and Manhattan. We are not “desperate for attention” but if the best you can do is call names and make inaccurate accusations you seem like you are desperate for attention.

  6. Michael Wallach

    This article is a mean-spirited attack on Joe and Paula Barton parading as a fluff piece on the drum circle. The “journalist” prints accusations against them made by this fellow from the drum circle but never gives the Bartons a chance to comment. Further, the accusations made in this article that the Barton’s were the “troublemakers” is provably false. All six weekends, including the weekend of the supposed events in this article are on video tape and posted on social media for all to see. The Bartons are an elderly couple that set up their chairs and tent on the far edge of the town square and sat there peacefully asking anyone who came up to them to sign a petition. They never left their chairs or caused any trouble. The fellow from the drum circle was so incensed that they dare show up on the town square while he was holding his drum circle that he came over to them and starting shouting at them, threatening them and physically intimidating them. The Bartons never got out of their chairs, and never raised their voices. This drum circle fellow was rude, agressive and physically intimidating. He was then the one who called the police over insisting that only he had a right to use the town square. The police came and informed him that they did not have the right to kick the Bartons out of the square, especially since the Bartons had respectfully chosen the very back edge of the square to sit. Now, this article has been printed against them. It’s heart-breaking to see how people with different opinions are being treated in this community. The only crime the Barton’s have committed is a holding a different opinion on whether we should all be wearing masks. For holding that opinion, they have been verbally attacked, spit on (literally) by the drum guy, physically intimidated and harassed, many times over. Now the local newspaper is coming after them with a one-sided story that blatantly mischaracterizes the actual events that happened, and never even bothers to let them tell their side of the story. Whatever your opinion on politics, health, or our rights as Americans I would hope that the people of this community believe in basic respect for each other. It’s sad to see a witch-hunt in progress right before my eyes. I hope that our community, even if they disagree with other people’s opinions, will stand up for each other’s right to peacefully and calmly and respectfully have a dialogue with each other. Shame on this writer for undermining that.

  7. Bill H

    I think Paula and Lilac make a good point about the writer failing to interview folks from the other group in this conflict. That is journalism 101. A complete story would included the other perspective.

    But now there should be plenty of room for both groups to make their noise. I am glad to see that someone has helped separate them. The rest seems to be a matter of damaged egos. The problem should be solved by respecting distances.

    I did notice that Mr. Johnson is quoted as referring to the drum circle as, “my drum circle.” Is it Mr. Johnson’s drum circle? I thought it was a little more communal than that.

    1. paulagloria

      Bill H – ” I am glad to see that someone has helped separate them. ” I don’t see separation as an answer..this is why I didn’t sign a complaint against Kevin Johnson. I didn’t see how it would lead to HEALING

      1. Bill H

        Separation IS the answer if you are not going to wear a mask. And deliberately getting closer to people while not wearing a mask will certainly wreck any chance of healing. Sorry, that should be a no-brainer, even if you believe the virus is a hoax. Others don’t, and you will fan flames by getting near them mask-less. It is like you are trying to mix a political “f-you” in with your attempts to heal people.

        1. paulagloria

          Again Bill we have the video evidence of Kevin’s extreme aggression towards us. He is maskless, threatens that he has COVID, does not social distance, gets in front of my camera that I have used for years covering the drum circle as he backs me clear across the drum circle until a young friend steps in because he was worried I would trip as I was being backed up so violently and Kevin struck him with the cow bell he was beating on whose purpose was to prevent me from getting a shot of the famous Juma Sultan. This is really an intellectual property dispute and equal access to the public space

        2. paulagloria

          also not only Lilac and we the Bartons wanted an article on our side but also Michael Wallach whose comments reflected utter shock at the tone of the article giving Kevin every possible break and us every possible attack. Again we, the Bartons are being discriminated against.

        3. paulagloria

          Bill you don’t get this….Kevin came after us not we him. We have video of him with NO MASK saying “I have COVID How about that?” and that is just ONE instance of this man who apparently has the blessings of the church. A restraining order (separation) is the best the Woodstock police could have done and I HIGHLY doubt that it would be keeping Kevin away from ALL THE MANY other people he has harassed and persecuted out of the drum circle. I heard one story yesterday where he brow beat a little kid for “not keeping the beat” after he had JUST said it was a community drum circle and all levels of ability were fine and accepted! This little 8 year old ran off crying to his parents, most probably traumatized for life. I dare you…go to Jay Debberman’s facebook page and check out the actual video which I had avoided because I am so pissed at the big servers for ripping off intellectual property. It had only shown on Woodstock TV for one week. That was enough to set the record straight for the relevant parties to correct protocol in Woodstock. Although BIll McKenna is now pissed at us (lashing out at us as everyone else does for the problem of duopoly so very rampant in Woodstock), he did a very very good job August 16th. I am keeping that video for the moment to myself and limited others as instruction for dealing with high intensity, emotional issues so truth and science (which you indicate are arbitrary) can move forward with real community unity behind it. Bill McKenna probably would have done better if he had a full oxygen supply and again under the circumstances he was very very good August 16th.

          1. paulagloria

            “I dare you…go to Jay Debberman’s facebook page and check out the actual video which I had avoided because I am so pissed at the big servers for ripping off intellectual property. ”

            I meant I had avoided posting because of the utter impossibility of controlling intellectual property on the internet without local support. Remember I am a reader apparently in good standing at the Woodstock Dutch Reformed (thanks to the grace of the previous pastor now in Oman ) but can I get this in writing from the church? No.

            Do you think that perhaps on some unspoken level this same force also prevents proper journalism 101 (so we, the Bartons get our side of the story printed)? If so we have no separation between church and state and tyranny actually is running the show

  8. Capt. Trips

    I would like the Bartons to cut and paste links to all this scientific data and research, along with the quote from Dr. Fauchi, wear he states, that, mask wearing is unhealthy, that they spew here in the news article’s comment section. I already had posted twenty, or so, links including every health organizations imaginables’ research and result, Dr. Fauchi’s statements’, and governmental facts, including Gov. Coumo’s mandatory mask order, in the comments of the last Drum Circle story. Just google it, massive amounts of links for mask wearing, not one supporting not wearing a mask, go ahead google it. I then asked for paulagloria too post her links, and she did not and had no proof, nor fact backing her statements as she and her husband do here, again.

    The Governor of New York, has passed into law; a “MANDATORY” mask law in public places, that is “MANDATORY”, so right there they are wrong. All scientific research and fact, agree, we cannot stop the spread of Covid-19 without mandatory public use of masks. In fact, it does not take this scientific data, nor a genius too see this fact, just by simply looking at our own nations Covid-19 response; Where mask wearing, and public distancing has stopped the spread of this novel, deadly virus. In NY, where most intelligent, and socially responsible people wore masks and followed social distancing, the virus has been stopped in it’s tracks, as we have some of the lowest infection rates in the world. And, in places wear they acted like ingnorant idiots, who care little for others like in the south, in places like SC, Florida, Georgia, etc., they have the worst rates of infection in the world. It really is that simple, if you are an intelligent, socially responsible person, who cares about their fellow man and woman, then, you wear a mask, and follow social distancing. If you are a nasty self centered person who is uninformed, ingnorant of fact, and does not care about others, having little or no respect towards them, then you do not wear one, and spread death. Respect your fellow men and women, wear masks when out in public, and follow social distancing, Please!

    1. paulagloria

      Captain Trips – I have posted what you requested above. You have a poor understanding of law, if you stop by our booth I can show you what a Governor’s order means (vs what social media calls MANDATORY) and you will understand why the police understood the law and left us alone, as they should others who do not want to wear masks to protect their health because there is no credible research showing masks help prevent the spread of disease …why the very box itself (which we will show you also) of the N95 “Gold Standard” of masks says it does not protect against infectious disease!
      try this one for ease of understanding
      But much more important Trips are the vaccines coming down the pike if we don’t expose the scamdemic NOW..this explains the 100% INaccuracy of the testing for COVID
      Dr. Fauchi’s statements are in a medical journal and I can show you this if you stop by on Sunday as it was one of many used in an important litigation against Governor Baker in Massachusetts. Since you didn’t leave one link for the science you claim backs mask usage I cannot comment on why you believe masks are anything better than behavior modification to go along with a herd running off a cliff. If thinking people today can’t argue against the mask how can they avoid the vaccinations and quarantine centers coming tomorrow (plenty of money in the COVID CARES Act to create all kinds of nonsense) Please Trips, open your eyes and kick start your brain…there is PLENTY of litigation showing Big Pharma has had to pay out billions for vaccine injury, yet the profits are so huge, it is just the “price of doing business”. Tell this to broken-hearted parents of vaccine injured autistic children. Sure they got the money but not the sparkling health back. Your ignorance of these truths endanger a free and truly prosperous society

    2. Joe Barton

      Captain Trips – You state “The Governor of New York, has passed into law; a “MANDATORY” mask law in public places, that is “MANDATORY”, so right there they are wrong.”
      It is obvious you know nothing about law. Governors cannot make law. The legislature makes law. Many governors that have made this mandatory nonsense have lost in court already because governors have no authority to make law. Like I said the legislature makes law and the legislature has not made any mandatory mask laws because it violates the Constitution. For your understanding We the People are sovereigns. Government does not have the authority to tell We the People we must wear masks, we must social distance, we must stay in our homes for 14 days and self quarantine without due process of law. Due process for your information, you must be charged with a crime, brought to court and have all the evidence presented against you which would include in this case scientific evidence that does not exist. To demand that we stay in our homes for 14 days is house arrest without due process. If you want to know the facts go to:
      Dr Rashid Buttar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hch33RhTyLg
      check out Dr. Andrew Kaufman with Bob Unger – NY attorney
      check out Amandha Vollmer
      Bombshell Evidence that COVID RNA Base Pairs are Identical to Chromosome 8 Human DNA
      Jon Rappoport Questioning Covid And Lockdowns on The Vinny Eastwood Show
      Captain Trips, if you want to be a sheep and follow media lies and scare tactics wear you mask, hide in your house for 14 days and live in fear. I choose to live free, exercise my right to freedom of choice and come and go as I please.

  9. Joe Barton

    C Trips –
    Before you line up with the brainwashed herd to get the COVID vaccine, I suggest you watch the videos below and I guarantee I will not follow the herd and get this vaccine. You seem to think that somehow those in authority are watching out for our best interest. They are not. They cater to the Big Pharmaceutical companies who control the media and politicians who say fear Corona, fear Corona, fear Corona. I choose not to live in fear of the air and people around me. On three occasions I went into stores without a mask. They called the police. I told them sing a complaint and have me arrested. They refused to sign a complaint because I told them I would sue them for false arrest. Three times the police that came said there was no law that I had to wear a mask and refused to arrest me. So your statement that there is a law, there is no law. You are blowing smoke. Even if they make a law, it will be unconstitutional and easily challenged in court. I point out to you I have studied law for 40 years. The Supreme Court has ruled We the People are sovereigns, politicians and government agents are our employees. When does an employee tell a sovereign what to do as long as he does not harm the rights of another sovereign.

    SHOCKER!!! New Content Of Bill Gate Vaccine Exposed
    T.C. Fry The Great AIDS Hoax, The Myth of Contagion – Interview
    Chromosome 8 w/ David Icke and Dr. Kaufman

    1. paulagloria

      C Trips – If you are so smart can YOU direct me to the scientific evidence that Bill H said was “In a previous article about your group’s drum circle non-mask-wearing event, I and a few others provided a great deal of scientific research for you to explore.” Other than the error that ours was not a ” a drum circle no mask event” but that we were there to collect signatures on a petition (and in the future we will have other petitions) and that we only participate as community members of the Woodstock Community Drum Circle other than that we are separate as the Freedom First Party some of whose members like to drum.
      Paula Gloria Barton

      If you can’t beat our statements with scientific fact and the best you can do is call names we would suggest you stay away.
      Joe Barton

      1. Bill H

        I and Capt Trips did provide a ton of links to the actual science. Apparently that was wasted time. I just went back to that article and found that the comments are closed. It was in this article:

        1. paulagloria

          I never read the comments because I glanced through and it was a lot of low level name calling. I can see why the comments are now closed but I did copy and paste them (unread because I am a very busy person) because Joe wanted to show them to Bill McKenna as an example of how we are being slandered. If Captain Trips, your colleague copy and pasted them fine. I went to a couple and it was the usual run around with no actual peer reviewed studies that a person will take responsibility for. Hey I learned this from you with your 9 points to verify something (BTW I agree with one of the links Joe supplied that you did visit and didn’t want to put it down but Joe wanted it and it was his post not mine so I thought you were sharp on that one>>)

  10. Joe Barton

    This is my final statement to the group on this article.
    We were on the Woodstock Village Green to collect signatures on a petition. We weren’t a “No Mask Protest” nor were we trying to start a competing drum circle.
    I choose not to wear a mask. The CDC itself has stated that prolonged use of masks is detrimental to your health. Also the New England Journal of Medicine has stated that prolonged use of masks is detrimental to your health. Throughout the history of the human race people have not worn masks and the only ones that did either had something to hide or were out-laws! I choose not to wear a mask because:

    1) It is harmful to my health
    2) God created me to breath in oxygen and breath out harmful bacteria
    3) Part of the human condition and communication is through facial expression. If I should say something people can look at my face and see if I am kidding or pissed off. Facial communication is an important part of social interaction. I refuse to wear a mask and isn’t it crazy that since man has been on this planet, it has been normal to not wear a mask but in today’s insanity those who don’t wear masks are considered out-casts? What have we come to?
    Joe Barton

    1. Bill H

      Great, then can you simply stay away from the rest of us for a while, whenever possible? That is the other alternative. Be kind. We would appreciate it. And when ti turns out that Covid 19 really is a hoax, and that masks are detrimental to our health, I’ll be the first to approach your table in the village green and admit I was wrong.

      1. paulagloria

        Bill H is it “kind” to not give both sides of an argument equal access? Was it “kind” when Kevin practically spit in my face without a mask and said “Yes I have COVID How about that?” IF you didn’t see the footage on Woodstock TV go to Jay Debberman’s facebook page and there it is. No DOUBT ABOUT IT WE HAVE BEEN DISCRIMINATED AGAINST.

  11. Tim Hunter

    I do not know anyone on either side, and here are my thoughts:
    The “Freedom First” side…..states that they do not believe in masks
    AND…post dubious links while questioning the scientific community
    Mask protect OTHERS…..evidently they only care for themselves

    And they are a POLITICAL PARTY?????


  12. Tim Hunter

    And furthermore, Joe Barton, you state:

    “Part of the human condition and communication is through facial expression. If I should say something people can look at my face and see if I am kidding or pissed off”

    If you want to see if I am “pissed off” at you….and I have my mask on,
    You merely need to look at my middle finger!

  13. Kristy Barnes

    To Joe & Paula Barton & other contributors respectively,

    This virus is a global health issue & it never should of been manipulated into a political issue or the basis for any conspiracy or defiance, no matter the realm or claim to right. This situation requires great universal sacrifice, diligence & cooperation in the effort to protect all of humanity. A lengthy read, but please do take the time to read & also please note references & the existent constitutional precedent listed below.

    In fact, that politicization in our nation has caused utter chaos, further division, unnecessary danger, suffering, injury & deaths, while other locations around the globe cooperatively followed science & moved on more successfully. We (“US”) on the other hand, are not. I will humbly remind my fellow humans that we are equally entitled to our right to safety, well being & good health. I will address that issue below.

    There is absolutely no denying that the current political “inhabitant(s)” are directly, intentionally, responsible for this entire nation being in chaos, collapse & crisis. They were repeatedly warned long previous to these events ( ***See Pentagon draft report from 2017 https://www.scribd.com/document/454422848/Pentagon-Influenza-Response ). Note, this draft report was drawn before this virus had a distinct classification & name. Hence, it was mistakenly referenced as “influenza”. That report is very descriptive & insightful. It describes in length what could potentially transpire. These “inhabitants” went to great lengths to deny & defy science, destroy our existent pandemic response systems, cut funding to programs & health organizations & have continued to do so throughout this pandemic virus. They deliberately denied the danger, misinformed our people & didn’t take action to intercede or do what was necessary to prevent spread. It was not addressed & they utterly failed to take the prompt action that was needed from the very beginning. Then blatantly with intent & purpose, continued to defy all science & knowingly cause the spread! We’ve all witnessed this over & over across our nation. What sane leader would ever tell their people to liberate, fight for their rights & freedoms or implore their people to defy necessary safety precautions? That is very telling & terrifying & so was the intentional immediate flood of misinformation, conspiracies & “No masker” type propaganda released on the internet.
    I sincerely hoped that my people could see the huge flashing warning lights, but sadly, some obviously looked right past them! I realize how the “inhabitants” type of manipulation has easily played out, as it is much more personally convenient if one can somehow substantiate their own biased opinion in order to not do something that gives them displeasure, despite how it violates the rights of, & endangers the safety, well being & health of others. It wasn’t difficult to manipulate, trick & fool people into becoming walking bio weapons by their own accord. That is exactly what happened & now they are turning our children into walking bio weapons too.

    So WE NOW KNOW the following (*** IMPORTANT):
    1. It is NOT a flu. It is a virus called SARS-CoV-2 & it is known to mutate rapidly.
    2. It IS FAR MORE contagious & for a longer duration. EVEN if you’re possibly asymptomatic or very healthy.
    3. This invisible, possibly undetected, aerosol type contagion might have future health ramifications as
    many viruses do. That is yet to be known & will be learned in the future. (Some cases are non respiratory.)
    4. ***This virus, whether detected or not, is very capable of causing horrible & assorted types of bodily injury,
    long term serious health damage, organ/system failures, limb/tissue loss & deaths.
    *** There is no going back, there is no absolute guaranteed therapy, treatment, vaccine or cure to date.
    5. Now as we are living through this we are continually finding out new scientific data, information & updates.
    ***We need any & all scientific updates to become easily attained public knowledge without personal
    defiance, prejudice, misinformation, conspiracies & political interference.***. That is the only way to contain
    the spread. It can not be done unilaterally, indiscriminately, it must be done by ALL & AT THE SAME TIME.
    6. ***In order to effectively contain the spread, we need timely disclosure of that pertinent scientific health information & WE DESPERATELY NEED IMMEDIATE& UNITED COOPERATION in combating the spread.
    this virus without personal misinformation & political interference.***

    The “inhabitant’s”obvious goal was to spread this virus through denial, demand, distraction, manipulation, intentional inaction, defiance against science & public disseminating of dangerous misinformation. They’ve succeeded at the cost of many human lives & much suffering!

    Paula & Joe- We have known each other for a long time, we often share common beliefs, however, on this topic I will rise in strong objection as this matter pertains to a huge public health risk not only locally or nationally, but globally. NO ONE has the right to endanger others under any circumstance! If someone refuses to wear a mask & distance in public during this very real pandemic, that is EXACTLY what they are doing! If someone refuses to wear a mask & distance, it is their personal humane duty & obligation to sacrifice their public freedoms & stay away from the public.
    To be completely honest, if you’re claiming you can’t wear a mask for those debunked medical reasons, then for your own safety you should probably avoid the public during this pandemic. Furthermore, it is extremely clear to everyone living in the community or visiting, that Kevin Johnson has made every effort &, taken every precaution to safely maintain the drum circle. His aggravation is because you are knowingly endangering our community residents & visiting tourists & have planted yourselves right next to the drum circle. He is not alone in his aggravation!
    If you refuse to wear masks in public, against the governor’s authority & safety mandate, then proceed every Sunday to set up your tent in very close proximity to the long established drum circle (that is indeed doing everything to be safe), then you’re not at all the victims, but indeed the perpetrators.
    Your defense & claim to right is very weak & unsubstantiated, even on basic human principle, but also by law, mandate & constitutional precedent. Again, NO ONE has the right to endanger others for any reason! What you are doing is actually a clearly defined crime of Reckless Endangerment. ***A person commits the crime of reckless endangerment if the person recklessly engages in conduct which creates substantial jeopardy of severe corporeal trauma to another person. “Reckless” conduct is conduct that exhibits a culpable disregard of foreseeable consequences to others from the act or omission involved. The accused need not intentionally cause resulting harm. The ultimate question is whether, under all of the circumstances, the accused’s demeanor was of that heedless nature that made it actually or imminently dangerous to the rights or safety of others.
    In NY State- http://www.nycourts.gov/judges/cji/2-penallaw/120/120-20.pdf

    Anti-maskers have no legal standing…
    Jacobson vs Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11, (1905) 7-2 majority
    “The Constitution does not import an absolute right in each person to be, at all times and in all circumstances, wholly freed from restraint. A community has the right to protect itself against an epidemic, and its members may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand.”

    The governor certainly has that authority. He has mandated that masks be worn in public when at least 6′ of distance cannot be maintained consistently & safely. He has also repeatedly demanded publicly that local officials & authorities are required to do enforcement compliance to protect the public. The signs around town do not release the town of liability or responsibility. Objectively, the police & town are not abiding by & willfully defying the governor’s mandate, the NYS penal code (Risk of Serious Physical Injury)
    Penal Law § 120.20(Committed on or after Sept. 1, 1967) & are also negligent & liable for allowing this to continue regardless of who owns what property. No one likes these positions, inconveniences or rules, but they are necessary at this time.

    All foolish efforts to carry on as usual, reopen schools, speed up the process, skip safety steps or to continue to deny science, NYS authority or regulation, only leads to more spread & spread only prolongs the suffering, public & social restrictions, income loss, economic collapse, unnecessary serious injury & deaths!

    Your claims that N95 masks do not work to prevent spread is “bunk” for lack of a better word & as with many products, for legal liability reasons, there are warnings to protect manufacturers. That does not at all mean that these masks are not effective in preventing spread! We do not know of every infectious person as many are asymptomatic, but still can & do transmit this contagion & that is why we ALL should be wearing masks at this time. NO ONE has the right to endanger others safety & well being! Anything that reduces or blocks aerosol expressed or received is more effective than nothing at all!


    Kristy Larson

    1. Bill H

      Kristy, thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts. I hope they read it with open minds. We’ll see on Sunday, I guess.

  14. paulagloria

    It has been a long time since we have met in person. We usually met around Harmony (before it had to close) which Joe, Jay and I would go to, not to drink, but to hear free local music because at one time we had no extra money to pay for music. One glorious week-end we shared space with you in the next county (you were kind enough to drive us) at BellStock, a most wonderful event, probably the closet to a real County Fair I will ever experience in this lifetime* but this one was a spectacular “Rednecks on Acid County Fair” with “Eastbound Jesus” totally stealing the show. Don’t you remember how incredible that week-end was? Remember the bonfire and all the different characters? One of the best experiences of my life. Don’t you think that that kind of community event is HEALING? Don’t you wonder why we don’t have such opportunities anymore to express LOVE, the real healer, as in our (mostly) tradition (Judeo/Christian) tells us? Our entire culture is being destroyed while people shiver and shake in their homes and accept government/media dogma because it resonates with the loneliness of rampant addictions (internet/drugs and alcohol etc) so terribly affecting our community. Addicts become isolated and a real community of hugs, kisses and complete facial expressions with sincere willingness to help a brother or sister going through a hard time HEALS this expression of addiction. With love and knowledge the addictions leave and the people become whole and able members, able because they are now healed and can extend the power of community themselves through total, complete and full involvement in this wonderful opportunity called LIFE. This is the formula for a sustainable, prosperous and fulfilling future. THIS is why the world loved our culture, American art and music was the hope of many living under tyranny and oppression which sadly these mask (non) laws really are an expression of. It is hard to discover you have been lied to but you have. The daughter of a top genetic engineer (Lilac who posted here) recently told me that in the future there will be legal processes calling these measures “Crimes Against Humanity.” The more I study the science the more I agree that this is not an extreme expression (check out Bill H’s 9 points above to verify the value of a piece of knowledge)
    As far as Kevin Johnson, he choose us as an enemy not us him and the media lined right up behind him. One lady came up to me (with a mask) and apologized for him for ONE of his OUTRAGEOUS aggressions towards me and told me how awful he was to her in the past. I said why do you stand for such behavior?! I must say, Kristy, over the years I don’t remember ever seeing you at the drum circle, whether drumming or dancing (but I only came now and then as it made good video for Woodstock TV)…..but you really should check out Jay Debberman’s facebook page and look at ALL the video footage (July 5th, 12th and 19th) which contradicts almost all the facts in the Hudson Valley One articles. It has shown on Woodstock TV but I resisted posting it to the internet as Bill McKenna asked me to edit out a certain part and I wanted to work with him but when Bill accepted the truth of words put into my mouth (saying I called him a liar) and the pressure of dealing with a media machine that does not check facts, let alone give a voice to me, Joe and Jay (Journalism 101) finally made me succumb to the pressure I am feeling. So the footage is uncensored exactly as it was seen on Woodstock TV. This is a clear cut discrimination issue and I would reflect on who your community of real people actually is. Please look at the video on Jay’s facebook page. It is the least you can do for a friend which I have always considered you (and still consider you because many people are too afraid to come out and post anything, even SLIGHTLY positive towards us so really Kristy THANK YOU for your post. You notice that even some of the higher brow comments when responded to just drop me…..it took guts to post what you did even if you don’t agree with our research. I hope this can change as the discussion deepens (which the high brows posting here won’t do even though they are well aware and ashamed that journalism 101 has been failed) Please stop by our booth on Sunday (we miss seeing you) (or send someone if you are afraid to go out) and pick up the numerous scientific studies we have printed out showing that our governmental leaders have not protected us with due process by going through the proper channels including the legislature to pass a proper law leaving us the masses to fight and bicker and not notice the criminals making off with our loot…the most important being love for one another…
    as a woman of great compassion, Kristy consider this lady (put down by Bill H as a mere store owner and only a degree in Naturopathy) because I DO believe that suicides are up 33%
    Enough Is Enough by Amandha Vollmer
    Thank you again for your comment
    Peace sister,
    *as the agenda to destroy our American community is intense

  15. Capt. Trips

    Paulagloria you talk of love, community love, yet, you do not have respect for “community”. Because, anyone who claims love, should also endear respect, as one can not be, without the other. Without love, there can be no respect, and without respect, no love. The simple, unpainful, easy task of wearing a mask in public, is respect and therefore done, not out of some law, mandate, or conspiracy, but out of love for ones fellow men and women, in otherwords community. You claim to be a politicol party for twenty years informing the public, well continue to not wear masks and posting bull crap, and you can flush those twenty years of support, as you already have seen here, a former friend, completely tore you a new butt, and you thanked her for her comments against you, (weird too say the least). Anyone who you may have spoken to over those twenty years will revile you, for these irrational, uneducated, foolish, and mostly bullsh*t points you make here in these comments. These post’s will certainly cost you, just wait and see. You and your foolish husband, talk about your right not to wear a mask, what about my rights, or everyone elses’ rights? They do not count, only your rights and what you believe?

    So, if we are wrong, that people have too, or should wear a simple mask, no harm, no foul, however, if you are the fools who are wrong, and I totally believe you are, then people get sick and people die. See, it really is that simple. Your stance will kill folks from that community you supposedly love. Mine, and all the intelligent, respectful human beings of this community will do no such harm.





























    I hope you read them all, none are too long and most are easy reading.

    Also, it is the law in NYS, signed into law by executive order by the Governor of NYS, his Honor Governor Mario Coumo, as to make the mandatory use of masks in public, when at least six feet distance can not be obtained, and in ALL PLACES OF BUSINESS. So, get off, of your self centered, arrogant, psychotic, and ridicules big white horse, and join your community in protecting the weak, sick, aged, and infirmed, along with ALL THE REST OF HUMANITY. Or, choke on it (the white horse). Your choice. Compassionate Human Being, or ignorant plague, the choice is all in the mask you wear, or hatefully refuse to respect others, and, or do not wear. Because, in all the bartons comments I see ignorance, unintelligence, divisiveness, anti-societal aggressiveness, and hatred. Is that your legacy? If you really and truly “love your community” then, you would wear a mask.

  16. paulagloria

    Captain Trips
    I went to the first one
    and in it the “guidance” from the CDC itself had this to say:
    “Masks are most likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely used by people in public settings.”
    Where are the research studies to verify this? The CDC gives none because there are none
    Then I went to the
    and got this:
    ” UK 7

    • Face masks play a very important role in places such as hospitals, but there is very little evidence of widespread benefit for members of the public.

    Now what is most interesting about this is that it too is “carefully worded” because “masks play an important role in places such as hospitals” BUT the actual scientific studies (which we can provide you if you go to our tent on Sunday) show that little if not negative effect is achieved by surgeons wearing masks! This has been known since the 80’s when these studies were first started as a process of saving money for hospitals but since the PUBLIC PERCEPTION of masks is one of safety the authors of the studies realize you can’t buck convention.

    Another lawsuit was won by a nurses organization in Canada with the outcome stating that the use of masks is “symbolic”

    Finally your comment
    “Also, it is the law in NYS, signed into law by executive order by the Governor of NYS, his Honor Governor Mario Coumo, as to make the mandatory use of masks in public”

    is wrong and I have pointed it out to you before. Real law is made through the legislature not by a tyrant governor whose only authority is to keep his house in order (not “mandate” to a free people what they should do and his house’s purpose is to protect the public’s rights. Why should we have to do all the heavy lifting providing studies (which we did if you come by our tent on a Sunday) when if the research is really there it could have been handled through due process of how law is created? All the evidence would be prepared as for any bill to become law and then the various people would sign off and it would be a proper law. All the people would be liable. Although Cuomo says he takes responsibility if you study what he says it is clear that the use of masks is voluntary and pushed very hard by a media that does not give equal access to the public forum to all sides of the discussion but rather slanders and persecutes the side not connected to money. That’s right the CARE ACT allocated TRILLIONS. Just Trump’s budget of 10 BILLION is for testing! Contact tracing here we come…
    All your name calling means nothing.
    Until we, the Bartons get a proper printed article on our side we have been discriminated against.

  17. Capt. Trips




    Here is OSHA’s response, which the bartons gave false information on, above and below more facts…





    … Apparently for someone who has studied law for forty years, Mr. Barton, surly was ignorant about executive orders and such. He also seems too know little of Constitutional law. I, on the otherhand have argued Constitutional Law in Federal, Appelate, and Supreme Court, having written precedence, used daily in these United States Courts. Yet, he tries to bullsh*t me, you are quite funny Joe. Just the fact Joe, just the facts…




















    I dare the Bartons, or anyone too come up with more facts than what I have posted here, and above. I mean established health organizations, Universities, governments, science organizations, scientists and news organizations from several nations. The proof of the pudding, is in the mix. And, the proof here is wearing a mask in public protects not only others, but yourself also. Please wear a mask in public, follow social distancing guidelines, wash your hands and surfaces often, carry sanitizers, and please stay safe and well.

  18. Capt. Trips

    Are the Bartons a leal political party? I doubt it..






    The Bartons rave about Elliot Spitzer, the whoremaster governor, who illegally used nys taxpayer funds too support his major prostitution addiction, over state lines, and resigned in disgrace, for doing far worse crimes against the people, than those he prosecuted as NYAG. He was just great!…







    The Bartons further replace fact with fiction (Seems too be a pattern. Are you all following?), with their phony posts as fact and evidence backing their erroneous claims of mask use. Using fringe quacks, and medical field laughing stocks, whose claims are nothing short of derisory and farcical, if they were not so seriously an issue. In my opinion you are very sick, as in psychologically, who fein a fake political party as too enforce their fantastical conspiracy theories, full of false facts and lies, honoring a disgraced politician. They are a menace too society, and their attacks on normalcy and societal safety belying their own fellow man with lies, and exposing others too possible serious injury of death. It just might be time, for Woodstock officials, the local and state police, the IRS, and FBI also, too investigate the credentials and claims, of the Bartons and shut this false attack too our society down. They put our citizens lives and livelyhood in severe danger, and should be quelled.

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