New Paltz releases more info on policing budget

In response to a freedom of information request, a more detailed document regarding the New Paltz police budget has been published online. The $2.5 million 2020 spending plan is largely taken up by salaries of $2,137,379. 

How much is for overtime was not included in this version. Police overtime is usually an area of focus during budget discussions.

The budget also includes about $410,000 in contractual and equipment expenses, broken out into separate lines. Among the various contractual categories, these specifics show $10,000 for ammunition ($1500 of that for “less lethal” ammunition), $47,052 to lease radio equipment, and $350 for maintenance and supplies for radar and breathalyzer equipment. 


Leasing of the police department space from C2G will cost taxpayers $89,590 this year. Building taxes are listed at $12,000. $40,000 is expected to be spent for gasoline (vehicles are typically left idling because of the amount of computer and other equipment powered by the engine), $42,000 for vehicle leases, and another $20,000 on vehicle maintenance — which do not include new tires; budgeted to cost $4500 in 2021.