Letter: Keep them away

Active Covid cases in Ulster County have been going down; 107 as of July 21. But cases in Saugerties have been going up; eight as of July 21, up from three a few days ago. The likely cause are the HITS people from Florida and other states with out-of-control Covid.

Meyer A. Rothberg

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  1. Concerned saugerties resident

    Completely agree they have no regard for the people who actually live here. Drive by hits no social distancing most aren’t even wearing mask. It should of been shut down before it ever had a chance to open. The people don’t just go to hits they are out and about in our community spreading it. Just shows you money is more important

  2. Bart Friedman

    Why is Facebook a better source of “comments” than Hudsonvalleyone (The Saugerties Times)? It’s because when a comment is posted on FB a real name is associated with that comment. Here, the newspaper allows persons or bots to post without a reasonable chance of knowing who’s posting. I think you should require real names or let Facebook do the job.

    1. All of us, who remain free

      I think you should stay with all the “true facts” on your social network, and leave your unconstitutional thoughts there, where shaming others is the new law (Big Brother). We will stay here, anonymous, with the free press. This is your constant post, that never, I mean never, stay on comment, just your same erroneous, unconstitutional bullcrap mantra; “Wah, wah, wah, I want names posted, wah wah, so we can shame the poster, that we disagree with publicly, wah wah, like my beloved facebook, wah, wah, where, if we disagree with someones comment, wah, wah, we can publicly shame them, wah, wah, and maybe even destroy their lives, wah, wah, wah, wah. Go “shame” people on your shaming social network, you know the site with “real names” (LOL), the real big brother, and propagator of hate; facebook. I would never go to, yet belong too that evil site. Leave the free alone, too be free. Better yet loose that yoke, from round thy neck, remove facebook from your life, and be free, brother, free!

    2. Bill H

      I agree with All of Us about Facebook, including that you should free yourself from it. And please don’t be fooled – there are millions of people not using their real name on FB, propagandists creating real-looking news, and even worse, my mother uses the platform. FB is a nightmare waiting to be realized.

      And I also agree that anonymity here at HudsonValleyOne.com allows me to speak my mind without fear of unreasonable retribution (shaming, canceling, mailbox smashing, slandering, etc.). I really appreciate that about this news outlet and try to be responsible with the privilege.

    3. wowjustwow

      Facebook is POISON. It’s meant to promote groupthink, which is used to advance COMMUNISM. America was built on individualism, not collectivism – especially not of thought – and people like you are abetting the destruction of this great experiment. If you think the commies will reward you for your minionism, think again: you will lose everything you own and be placed in labor camps or worse. Wake up.

  3. Louis Naccarato

    I’m sure all those NY city people going to all the area swimming holes and stopping at stewarts and elsewhere, IGNORING the big signs on the doors, with no masks , they have nothing to do with it. It’s just the “hits” people. Not very realistic my friends.

    1. Bill H

      How do you know who is from New York City? Did you buy one of those city people detectors, or is this just your own bias? It is my experience that folks from NYC are even more diligent that we are, probably given the nightmare they lived through. There are a great many Ulster and Green County residents refusing to wear masks while in the village. We ALL need to be more diligent and hold each other accountable.

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