Help People’s Place save Project Santa

(L-R): Deputy director of People’s Place Heidi Hill-Haddard and Christine Hein, executive director. (Photo by Brett Cole)

Since March, People’s Place in Kingston has experienced over a 300 percent increase in services. Over 800 new households have needed assistance and over half-a-million meals have been distributed. 

Looking forward to the holiday season, People’s Place is anticipating providing gift packages to over 2500 children this year via Project Santa, 500 more than in 2019. Project Santa is a 48-year-old Ulster County holiday tradition that provides toys and gifts to children ages infant through 14 years old. Children receive a main toy (a bike, Legos, drone etc.), board game/craft, winter weather items, books and stocking stuffers. 


People’s Place will host a virtual Save Project Santa Christmas in July fundraiser live streamed from People’s Place this Thursday, July 23 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Its goal is to ensure all the children of Ulster County have a magical Christmas this year, and all proceeds will go towards Project Santa. People’s Place will need to purchase over 20,000 toys and gifts this year. 

Organizers are expecting Santa to fly in via the People’s Place rooftop. Ten local benevolent citizens will transform into Santa for the day to help raise funds and awareness. Donations will help them get off the roof. 

For a full list of Santas and entertainment, visit www.peoplesplaceuc/