Kingston Point Beach to open June 20

Kingston Point Beach (DEC)

Kingston Point Beach will officially open on the first day of summer, Saturday, June 20, 2020. Lifeguards will be on duty five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday, from 10:00am-5:00pm.

The City of Kingston has been quickly working to ensure that the Kingston Point Beach will meet all New York Department of Health guidelines for beaches by opening day. The protocols that must be met and maintained in order for the beach to remain open, include:

  • Operating a half capacity– beach facility will be reduced to 50% of normal season capacity.
  • Shared facilities, including restrooms, will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day
  • Physical Distancing – a distance of at least six feet must be maintained at all times, excluding members of the same household or family and in the case of emergency assistance.
  • Visitors must ensure 10 feet distance between beach blankets and chairs, except for members of the same household or family.
  • Individuals must be prepared to don a face covering if another person unexpectedly comes within 6 feet.
  • Multiple entrances to the beach must be used to avoid congestion.
  • Lifeguards and water safety personnel must wear a face covering when on patrol and when interacting within 6 feet of members of the public, except for lifesaving or emergency response activities.
  • Lifeguards will self-screen before the start of each shift

In order to meet these criteria and protect the health of all, there will be a safety site coordinator at the beach regulating capacity and monitoring social distancing. The parking lot will be reduced to half capacity and there will be no parking along the entry road.


“It is with great joy that we announce that we are able to open the beach this summer,” said Mayor Noble. “With so many activities for families being limited in this uncertain time, we know how important it is to have time outdoors. Kingston Point Beach is one of our most popular local attractions, so we as a community will need to be vigilant in following guidelines and safety protocol so that everyone can continue to enjoy the beach all summer.”

“While many of our favorite programs are temporarily closed, the Department is here to help and support our residents to find safe, affordable and accessible activities this summer,” said Lynsey Timbrouck, Recreation Director. “We are looking forward to opening the beach for another fun summer, but it will require everyone’s help. Public health is our top priority and we will need the community’s support to ensure that the beach continues to be a safe space or all who wish to enjoy it. In addition, parents are encouraged to visit our Facebook page or call our office for tips on fun, engaging activities to enjoy with their children.”