Hudson brewery shut down for operating in violation of state guidelines

The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) announced today that it has summarily suspended the liquor license of the Hudson Brewing Company for violating state guidelines on alcohol service during the “New York on Pause” restrictions on businesses.

The agency says it acted following complaints of customers gathering outside the premises, including from Hudson’s mayor. It said Hudson’s chief of police personally warned the brewery on May 19 that its operations – reflected in a Facebook posting of a picture of patrons congregating to drink outside, on the premises, without social distancing – were in violation of the governor’s executive order.

Three days later, on May 22, SLA Investigators made an undisclosed visit and state that they discovered 27 people drinking on and in proximity to the brewery, some near the entrance and others tailgating. Investigators entered the brewery and were served alcoholic beverages in unsealed plastic cups without any food which, along with allowing patrons to linger or congregate on or next to a licensed premises, are violations of the SLA’s long-posted guidance on “to go” orders permitted under the Governor’s Executive Order.


“Despite prior warnings, this licensee continued to defy the Governor’s Executive Order and flout every guideline the SLA has put in place to keep people safe,” said SLA Chairman Vincent Bradley. “Now is not the time to become complacent, and the SLA will not hesitate to take immediate action against licensees whose actions threaten to derail the progress our state has made.”

On May 28, the SLA charged the Hudson Brewing Company with several violations including failure to comply with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders concerning COVID-19 restaurant restrictions and failure to supervise the licensed premises.

The SLA’s decision to summarily suspend a license is not a final determination on the case. The brewery is entitled to an expedited administrative law hearing. Until then, no alcohol can be served.

Earlier today, the brewery posted an update on Facebook letting followers know it would be closed “today and through this weekend.”


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    The master puppeteer (THE STATE) pulls the strings and holds a gun to the heads of the “free.”

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