Saugerties to use biocide to kill virus on playgrounds

A playground in Saugerties. (Photo by Dion Ogust)

A biocide that can keep surfaces virus-free for three to four weeks is being applied to surfaces in the children’s playgrounds, town building and grounds supervisor Greg Chorvas reported at the May 20 meeting of the Saugerties town board.

“Viruses, disease, mold, mildew et cetera are unable to survive,” Chorvas said. Playgrounds in the complex have been treated several times already,  and “as of last week, we did the third go-round and we’ll be finishing Monday on the satellite parks.” The department tries to keep to a three-week schedule.

The surfaces will be tested after three weeks and again after four weeks to see whether it remains effective. Chorvas also described the regular cleaning process of police cars and other vehicles belonging to the town.


The name of the cleaner is MaxxClean. According to the manufacturer, “MaxxClean uses environmentally friendly biocides and not pesticides or harsh chemicals to clean and sanitize; it contains sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium percarbonate (hydrogen peroxide), and sodium metasilicate. The EPA rates all these ingredients to be “green” through the EPA Safer Choice Program.”

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  1. NYArtist

    Spraying a childrens playground with poison is a terrible idea. The virus is killed in the sunlight and dies quickly on surfaces. The long term effects of chemicals with children include autism, cancer and learning disabilities. Just give out masks and place a sign describing safety measures.

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