Marbletown First Aid Unit increases staffing

The Marbletown First Aid Unit (MFAU) has begun bolstering its staffing as Ulster County rolls towards the projected Covid 19 apex. Its board approved additional hiring that would enable the squad to expand its response during the pandemic. MFAU is recruiting and hiring experienced EMTs and experienced EMS drivers. The agency is also seeking experienced volunteers.

MFAU received $7500 from Marbletown to support the hiring. The funds are part of $20,000 appropriated earlier as the town’s contribution to the not-for-profit squad. The funds will help finance hiring staff needed to assure complete coverage to meet peak demand, said chief Karen Pardini.

“More calls for possible Covid patients not only increase the volume of dispatches but also the time required for each response. We have to don PPE safety equipment when we enter a home, then later decontaminate both the ambulance and equipment,” Pardini said. “With commercial and local services maxed out with Covid transports, we are not only covering our town but lending mutual aid where needed. Yes, the stress on front-line responders as well as hospital staff is intense, but we are trained. All of this is within our wheelhouse. We are here for our community 100 percent.”


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  1. Karen Pardini

    To all the rescue squads in the Hudson Valley, thank you for your invaluable service. May our links never be broken.

  2. Mina metreaud

    Thank you Marbletown for such fierce service during this time. And to everyone on the front lines. Thank you!

  3. Beth Anderson

    Our community is unique and blessed to have its own First Aid Unit, -many do not one. They go extinct 20 per year in NYS

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