New Paltz hires Dave Dugatkin as a part-time police officer; Brianne Quigley becomes department’s first woman sergeant

Dave Dugatkin (photo by Lauren Thomas)

At a meeting of the New Paltz Police Commission on February 20 that segued into a Town Board meeting, several significant changes were made to the personnel lineup of the police force. Among them was a historic milestone: Brianne Quigley was promoted from patrol officer to become the New Paltz Police Department’s first-ever female sergeant. She was presented with her new sergeant’s shield at the meeting by police chief Joseph Snyder.

According to Snyder, Quigley was one of four candidates to apply for the patrol sergeant opening. “I’m happy to promote her to the position,” the chief said. “Although she’s the first female to hold the rank of sergeant in our police force, she’s very qualified. She’ll be a great example for other females in our department, as well as other females in law enforcement in general.”

Less fanfare was attached to another noteworthy change to department personnel: Dave Dugatkin, who resigned from his post as chief of the campus police force at SUNY New Paltz in 2018 under somewhat mysterious circumstances, was hired as a part-time police officer. The decision to reappoint Dugatkin, who held the rank of detective sergeant with the New Paltz Police Department before his SUNY law enforcement career began, was made unanimously and with no discussion by the three Police Commission members present: Neil Bettez, Dan Torres and Alex Baer. Chief Snyder’s comments on the decision were brief, noting only that Dugatkin was “an asset when he worked for us in the past.”


Several other posts were shuffled around as well. Patrol sergeant Matthew Sutton, who serves as night supervisor, was transferred to the Detective Division to serve as detective sergeant. Part-time officers Zachary Mitchell, who has been with the force for two years, and Jerome Milton, who has been on board for a little over six months, were both promoted to full-time positions. And the Town Board accepted the resignation of officer Michael Rizzo.

It’s perhaps inevitable that multiple personnel changes would be made at this time, in anticipation of the retirement of Chief Snyder, who’s scheduled to leave his post in April after 32 years with the New Paltz Police ( It was announced last October that Robert Lucchesi, currently a lieutenant in the department, will replace Snyder as chief.

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  1. Tara Dates

    Interesting to see that the first female sergeant is “a historic milestone,” yet there is no picture of Sergeant Quigley, just one of the new part-time hired man.

    Also, “Although she’s the first female to hold the rank of sergeant in our police force, she’s very qualified”??? Such a back-handed compliment. Very disappointing!


      There was no New Paltz Times photographer in attendance at the board meeting to snap a picture of Sergeant Quigley. However, the paper did have a file photo of Officer Dugatkin available.

  2. Alanna

    I have the same exact thoughts as Tara, above.

    You’d think the New Paltz time could have been emailed a photo of Sergeant Quigley.

  3. Maegan Schenker

    “….great example for other females in the department…” oh, ok, guess she’s not qualified enough to be a great example for our male officers. Unreal.

    1. Eire Lahnd

      Stop the whining. You know exactly what the author meant. This constant complaining and not just being happy about the accomplishment of this woman, or any woman for that matter, is getting old. It’s never good enough. If a man was promoted to Sgt. would he be an inspiration to women in the department? Probably not. Get it? You just make women look like they are never satisfied and extremely bitter. As a woman I’m over it. It’s comments like this that make us all look bad.

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