New Paltz School Board president resigns

Kathy Preston

Kathy Preston has resigned from the New Paltz School Board where she was serving as its president. The news was announced at the February 4 board meeting. The resignation was effective January 30. School Board member Michael O’Donnell, who was elected by his colleagues to return to the president’s chair for the time being, said that Preston left for “personal reasons” and did not elaborate. Glenn LaPolt was voted in to replace O’Donnell as vice president of the board.

Trustees will appoint a replacement to serve until the election in May, O’Donnell later confirmed, at which time the candidate with the highest number of votes will assume office immediately to finish out Preston’s term, which ends in July. It’s common for such interim replacements to have prior experience on the School Board, as it takes a considerable amount of time to become familiar with the byzantine bureacracies and laws trustees must navigate to do their work.