Letter: It’s time for police reform in Kingston

It has been nearly a year since the first draft of the proposed guidelines and practices related to the Kingston Police Commission was submitted to the Kingston Common Council. Since that time a concerned community group, supported by many community leaders of all kinds, has continued to work hard to listen to all sides, including the mayor, the Common Council, the Laws & Rules Committee members and others. They modified their original proposal to one still based on shared experiences and common sense, but which offers the transparency sorely needed in holding the Kingston Police Department accountable for their actions.

It is time to move this thoughtful proposal out of the Laws & Rules Committee and to the full Common Council so this important legislation can be enacted. I urge the Laws & Rules Committee to do this now.

Gai Galitzine

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  1. Landy Kaschel

    If the police get any more lax on criminals than what they are already, all it will do is encourage criminals and give them more confidence to commit more crimes. Wake up people!!!

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