Reward for info on Hudson Valley dog shooting increased to $2k

(New York State Police)

The New York State Police are investigating the death of a German shepherd found on February 2 on Silvernails Road in the town of Gallatin, Columbia County.

The approximately two-year-old Shepherd was found near the shoulder of Silvernails Road by a local resident, and reported to the dog warden officer, who contacted the State Police after noticing a bullet wound on the animal.

Investigation has determined the canine’s owners live approximately six miles south of the location on Stissing Road, and the dog was known to run from the residence.


The New York State Humane Association, headquartered in Kingston, is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for fatally shooting and disposing of the dog.

If anyone has information regarding this incident they are asked to please contact Investigator Melilli of the New York State Police at (845) 677-7379.  Please refer to case# 9410146.

This article was updated Feb. 19 to reflect the higher reward offered by the Humane Association. 

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  1. Kate

    If the dog has been running off, is it too far fetched that maybe it became an issue for a private property owner who has vulnerable animals/livestock?

    Its unfortunate to have happened. My heart feels fornthe owners.

    1. brent calzone

      “is it too far fetched that maybe it became an issue for a private property owner who has vulnerable animals/livestock?”

      No, not too far fetched that it became an issue. But it certainly is too far fetched to try to solve that issue by shooting the dog.

  2. TC

    That is terrible and I hope they find them and prosecute but the dog should have been watched better if it is known to run off. 6 miles is a long distance.

  3. cindy

    So sorry to learn of your loss of your beloved pet. I hope this gets resolved. This only makes me more aware of the importance for all of us to watch our pets closely.

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