Letter: Support your public access television

Channel 23 would be a great opportunity for the city and the towns to utilize by posting notices, filming meetings and local news, which serves City of Kingston, Town of Kingston, Ulster, Rosendale, Hurley, Marbletown. Currently Channel 23 is now under Esopus Community TV 23.

The City of Kingston and the towns have the power to appoint any resident to the Cable Commission. The City of Kingston receives $405,000 from the cable franchise fees from the Cable subscribers.

RESOLUTION 137 OF 1995 -2- Kingston Public Access Cable Television – SECTION 4. That upon approval by the Common Council’s Temporary Committee on Cable Television, these nine names will be sent to the floor of the Common Council for final approval. SECTION 5. That the Kingston Public Access Cable Television Commission make-up will be as follows: City of Kingston Five Members Town of Ulster One Member Town of Esopus One Member Town of Kingston One Member Town of Hurley plus Town of Marbletown Subscribers One Member


Former producer/commissioner,

Clark Richters Sr.