‘County Exec Pat’ likes ‘Mayor Pete’

Ryan and Buttigieg

Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan has weighed in on the 2020 Democratic primary throwing his support behind fellow veteran and thirtysomething Pete Buttigieg.

In a January 14 statement, Ryan cited the former the South Bend, Indiana mayor’s military service, his “bold progressive vision” and his “moral leadership.”

Buttigieg, 37, is one of four top-tier candidates in the rapidly shrinking pool of Democrats seeking their party’s presidential nomination. According to an average of national polls complied by The New York Times, the former Navy Reserve intelligence officer is running in fourth place behind Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and frontrunner and former vice president Joe Biden.


“At a time of great discord and division, I feel compelled to endorse Pete because I know he is the right leader to unify and heal our country again,” wrote Ryan. “I am confident he will guide the return of our nation to smart, effective and compassionate leadership.”

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  1. Ian

    I might have figured Pat would be a Pete guy, but it sure is a bummer… Maybe Pete had a “bold progressive vision” when he first came onto the field, but after he flipped on so many of his positions it’s clear that the candidate with the bold progressive vision is Bernie Sanders.

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