Letter: Questions about what happened on election night in Ulster County

In my opinion, every Ulster County voter should have questions regarding the election that took place Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019 in our county.

We have been told that in particular, the race for Ulster County district attorney had candidate Dave Clegg ahead by more than 800 votes when a medical emergency occurred at the Ulster County Board of Elections office. This was approximately two hours after the polls closed. My first question is whether or not we have a computerized voting system in Ulster County? Why weren’t unofficial results from all races revealed to the public between 9 p.m. when polls closed and 10:53 p.m. when the vote count was halted for the night? How many people were working at the Board of Elections office election night, who are they and why was the vote count stopped before completing the job?

Of course, we all have concern for a worker taken ill. But a workplace does not cease to operate due to one illness after the proper medical care has been rendered, with the sick individual being safely taken to the hospital by ambulance.


Additionally, what went on between 9 a.m. and approximately noon on Wednesday, Nov. 6? During this time there was no change in the vote count from the previous night for the Ulster County voters to see.

I personally know of excited young people who have voted on absentee ballots for this race since they are away in college. Let’s hope that there will be transparency in the counting of their votes. As voters, let’s ask more questions and pay as much attention to the counting of our votes as we do to the voting process and the work we do for our political candidates.

Lisa Jobson
Lake Hill

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  1. Dave Channon

    Math experts know chaotic systems like elections don’t work like tossed coins. It is statistically impossible for so many races to come out 50-50 unless there is major tampering. We all must admit the US election system is corrupt. The tribal nature of political parties makes winner-take-all the only rule. No morals or pretense of democracy, just win at all cost. With so many questions about the vote process, we should anticipate a recount.

  2. Reality Isreal


    Medical emergency aside, not all elections are decided on election night. Example Bush/Gore and Ulster Country DA race.

    Numbers until final can be misleading. Like the City of Kingston Mayor getting a 73% no vote on his progress agenda. Also countywide no blue wave.

    Maybe you should start a cause to send those college attendees boxes to pout in.

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