Rosendale voters approve four-year terms for supervisor, highway superintendent

In the Town of Rosendale, there was no question that any of the incumbents running for reelection this year would be returned to office, as all were running unopposed – even District 19 county legislator Manna Jo Greene, who also represents part of Marbletown. The only mystery to be solved on Election Day 2019 was whether town supervisor Jeanne Walsh (Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Independence) and superintendent of highways Bob Gallagher (Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence) would be embarking on four-year or two-year terms come the New Year.

Now the voters have spoken and residents have their answer: The ballot question, “Should the terms for office for the Town of Rosendale supervisor and the Town of Rosendale superintendent of highways be increased from two years to four years, effective for terms commencing January 1, 2020?” was approved by a vote of 1,007 to 742: a comfortable 57.58 to 42.42 percent margin. Walsh was reelected by a margin of 1,587 to 13 votes for write-in candidates and Gallagher by 1,625 to 4 write-ins.

The three incumbent town councilmen running without opposition racked up the following vote totals: John Hughes (Democrat) 1,315, Ernest Klepeis (Democratic, Republican, Working Families) 1,621 and Chris Pryslopski (Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Independence) 1,534, with 18 write-in votes toward the three Town Board seats. Incumbent town justice Carl Hornbeck (Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence) took 1,639 votes to 6 write-ins.


Rosendale’s voice in the Ulster County Legislature, Manna Jo Greene (Democrat, Working Families), won a total of 1,810 votes versus 22 write-in votes from District 19 residents in the two towns she represents. She currently chairs the Energy & Environment Committee, the Ulster County Climate Smart Committee and the Solid Waste Planning Commission, and also sits on the Public Works & Capital Projects Committee and the Trail & Rail Advisory Committee.

All reported votes were unofficial as of 10:53 p.m. on November 5, 2019; the figures also include early voting as recorded by the Ulster County Board of Elections.