Marybeth Majestic seeks reelection as Gardiner town supervisor

Gardiner Town Supervisor Marybeth Majestic (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Incumbent Gardiner town supervisor Marybeth Majestic is running unopposed on the Democratic line for reelection. A hazardous bridge and an overwhelmed sewer district are among the major infrastructure concerns going forward to her third term, and rewriting the zoning code to cope with the challenges to neighborhoods presented by new forms of tourist accommodations such as AirBnBs is also on the supervisor’s immediate docket.

Why did you decide to run for reelection? 

I have enjoyed working as Gardiner town supervisor for the past three-plus years, and I look forward to not only completing projects we have started, but to address new issues and opportunities as well. Achieving in local government requires the long game, and it can be very difficult to deal with how long it takes to get things done. I will continue my promise to listen to everyone and to work hard for the citizens of Gardiner.

What will be your priorities for the next term?

I would like to establish better maintenance policies and procedures for town-owned properties; improve our financial policies and update them as needed; help our committees, boards and commissions meet their full potential; ensure we protect and enhance the neighborhoods and communities of residents that make Gardiner Gardiner; and figure out ways to increase our sources of revenues, other than by raising taxes.


What loose ends are you looking forward to tying up from past terms? 

The two most important loose ends that I would like to finish up are replacing the Clove Road Bridge, as well as implementing the Inflow and Infiltration Study for the Sewage Treatment Plant and make the necessary improvements at the STP to increase our capacity and eliminate treating clean water, which we are doing at present.

What new challenges or opportunities do you see for Gardiner going forward?

One of the biggest challenges in governance is anticipating unforeseen trends and new industry standards. As supervisor, I am charged with the task of meeting challenges and seizing opportunities, and I constantly strive to continue working to keep Gardiner the wonderful town that it is. What makes Gardiner so special is our incredible natural beauty, but our most important resources are our outstanding, educated, vocal, opinionated residents. As supervisor, I would like to be able to tap into the resources that our residents provide to ensure that Gardiner continues to move forward in a direction acceptable to all, which is a huge challenge.

More specifically, the Town Board has begun discussions regarding providing more for our senior population. We have also begun preliminary discussions regarding how to handle short-term rentals in our neighborhoods. Working together with Gardiner’s Open Space Commission, I would like to have policies in place for accepting conservation and agricultural easements, along with identifying ways to fund these easements in perpetuity. An ongoing challenge in local government is how to increase the town’s revenues through sources other than property taxes: how to do more with less.