Hudson Valley school districts reflect diversifying population

Local school districts have become significantly more diverse over the last 20-plus years, thanks mainly to an increase in Hispanic students.

The Washington Post recently crunched the numbers for all U.S. school districts, comparing enrollment in 1995 and 2017.

Looking at local numbers, a common pattern is a white population in 1995 dropping significantly, often around 15 points or so, with the largest increase found in the Hispanic population, and more modest increases in other groups. No local district we looked had a higher overall enrollment in 2017 than 1995, and none saw an increase in the share of the white population or decrease in the share of the Hispanic population.


The multiracial student population, now a significant group across all local districts, wasn’t measured in 1995.

Here are the numbers for some local districts:




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  1. James

    Good idea, Maybe the socialistic far left liberals can bus kids from the Bronx to Kingston, that will help to make more diverse schools.

  2. Raymond

    I dont think socialism ever existed in the United States of America. That word is to complex for individuals that believe that we all humans with same rights. I believe that some people are afraid of losing their privileges and use religion and fascism as way to keep a place in a society that was built in bloodshed and slavery. I cant believe someone will put a post like this and think that is okay to blame the left or the right. Right or left inequality wont work we all deserve as citizens of the world to have the opportunity to better and live in peacefully. Another 911 like situation will come or big catastrophic events will happen and we will see that color, race, religion or social class will save us, only working together and taking care of each other we will survive. What would Jesus do?

    1. wowjust wow

      You need to do some reading about socialism and how much blood was shed because of it. It’s not what you think it is.

      1. wowjustwow

        It’s because of the exploding number of teacher boomers sucking the pension system dry. Going to get much worse.

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