The demolition for a new Stewart’s in New Paltz could start in as little as two weeks

A new Stewart’s at the corner of North Chestnut Street and Henry W. Dubois Drive has been approved. (Photo by Lauren Thomas)

Some bureaucratic twists and turns slowed the process down, but New Paltz Village Planning Board members on August 20 approved the application to build a new Stewart’s at the corner of North Chestnut Street and Henry W. Dubois Drive. According to company representative Chuck Marshall, demolition could start in as little as two weeks. New Paltz Village Planning Board members declined to require the applicant to install a traffic light, but did get the building moved closer to the road to preserve the pedestrian feel sought for this stretch. As a consequence, the owner of Tow-Rific will no longer be required to move his business; the application to relocate it to Old Kingston Road has been met with some resistance at town Planning Board meetings. In finalizing the approval, board members reviewed the landscaping plan and learned about a new fence which will be installed to the south at the request of a neighbor.

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  1. Ian and Rod

    The first fatality due to the lack of requiring a traffic light we hope the victim’s will sue the f%@* out of the Village.
    I got an “Incident Card” from the police for a near fatality at the corner of Henry W. and Church St. It’s public record that there are no four-way stop signs at Henry W. and Church, and the only parcel of land at that corner without sidewalks belongs to the Village, causing pedestrians on Church and or Henry W. to flow into the street in the onslaught of oncoming traffic.

  2. SG

    Not understanding how New Paltz fumbles every one of these project proposals. It is bizarre to me.
    Stewarts or not, this intersection needs a traffic light, period.

    HWD Dr. is a defacto bypass for Downtown New Paltz, it’s the zip around traffic and a cut through for a huge amount of traffic, at the intersection the spacing of traffic always, always, is such that drivers make dangerous bolts across the highway to make turns and the volume of near misses is astounding to watch, or even worse, be a part of.

    The town, not the developer, should be the one taking responsibility and installing a signalized traffic control measure here.

  3. John Oleske

    There will be a traffic signal. Stewart’s and the state are sharing the costs of getting it done. It’s in the village planning-board resolution approving the Stewart’s site plan.

    1. Red Means Stop

      Why would the State suddenly announce it was sharing the $500,000 cost of the light? The $500,000 has always been presented as Stewart’s choice to make for the full cost? Are you on the Village Planning Board?

  4. No Oakwood

    Prospect Street to Mulberry Street to Route 32 North as a bypass would restore the historic aspects to the neighborhood as well as allow the emergency services to get around better.

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