Cyro Baptista to perform at The Falcon

Like his native country of Brazil, Cyro Baptista is himself a place where many global music currents meet and cross-pollinate at the highest levels of imagination and execution. The Falcon just says “zany Brazilian genius percussionist,” and that is about as good as a description as any. The mad scientist of global musical collisions is known to rock fans for his part in Trey Anastasio’s band. In the jazz and Latin worlds, his greatness is common knowledge.

The five-piece Cyro Baptista & Friends return to the Falcon in Marlboro on Friday, June 7. Per usual, there is no cover at the Falcon, but generous direct-to-performer donation is how it works.

Cyro Baptista, Friday, June 7, 8 p.m., The Falcon, 1348 Rt. 9W, Marlboro, (845) 236-7970,