New Paltz to add body cameras to the force

New Paltz Police Chief Joe Snyder. (Photo by Lauren Thomas)

It’s not a question of if New Paltz police officers are going to start wearing body cameras, it’s a question of how to manage the costs once they start, which could be as soon as the spring. New Paltz Police Chief Joseph Snyder told members of the Police Commission last week that right now there’s a test ongoing of a camera which integrates with the ones used in the patrol cars.

Robert Lucchesi, the department’s lieutenant, explained that 12 cameras would be needed to outfit officers on a shift while recharging others. While these could be purchased with seized assets, replacing them in about five years would have to be budgeted in the normal way. Storage of the video footage is another cost factor, one which rises quickly if the cameras are left running for the entire shift. To do otherwise would require a clear policy as to when they needed to be turned on, and as Snyder pointed out, could lead to questions about whether a lack of recording of an incident is intentional or an oversight.


Despite challenges, “we are committed to going forward,” Snyder said.

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  1. village townie

    That is sad, as i local village person 60 years i enjoy my private dialog with the new paltz police. Often i can help the police in a very private way, it is sad that now i can’t talk to the officer in private.

    Every word i say could be on video tape and a lawyer for defendant could ask for record.

    This will make people who want to help cops as witness less willing to help.

    No Good.

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