Teen charged with murder out on bail, back at school

Maurice Stansbury Jr.

A Kingston man, his 17-year-old son and a second teen have been indicted on murder and robbery charges stemming from a Dec. 1, 2018 incident that left 38-year-old Mark Lancaster dead of a gunshot wound. Meanwhile, sources say, one of the accused teens has made bail and is currently attending Kingston High School. 

On Jan. 15, an Ulster County grand jury handed up an indictment charging Maurice Stansbury, 38, Maurice Stansbury Jr., 17, and Kevin Gardener, 17, with second-degree murder, robbery and weapons charges. All three men are charged under New York’s “felony murder” statute which allows defendants to be charged with murder if they are found to have participated in a crime during which someone is killed. The statute applies even if the defendant is not accused of directly causing the victim’s death.

In the case of the Stansburys and Gardener, the underlying felony was an armed robbery at the Sawkill Trailer Park. Cops believe the robbery occurred in the course of a marijuana deal with three victims, including Lancaster. Police believe the deal involved two ounces of marijuana, according to previous court testimony. Following the robbery, police believe, the Stansburys and Gardener left the trailer park in a vehicle with Lancaster, his teenage son and a third unidentified person in pursuit in a second vehicle. The chase ended near 341 Sawkill Road. There, police believe, there was a confrontation and one of the alleged robbers opened fire with a handgun, striking Lancaster in the torso. He was later pronounced dead at HealthAlliance Hospital’s Broadway Campus. Stansbury Jr.’s lawyer, Joseph O’Connor, said a camera on a vehicle parked near the scene captured portions of the confrontation, including a shot apparently fired by someone in his client’s vehicle. One of the teens was arrested at the scene of the shooting; the second and Stansbury Sr. were arrested in Kingston later that day.


Stansbury Sr. and Gardener remain in Ulster County Jail. Stansbury Jr. is free on $300,000 bail. According to sources familiar with the case, Stansbury Jr. is back at Kingston High School where he previously played for the Kingston Tigers football team. In a prepared statement issued Wednesday, Kingston City School District Superintendent Paul Padalino declined to discuss specifics of the case, but wrote, “We are aware of the situation and have taken appropriate measures to keep our students safe.”

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  1. Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

    Never carry more than you can eat.

    Not the first murder that ever happened around a weed deal, some woman who was selling dope in NYC 25 years ago got killed, and the city was aghast that it was only over marijuana sales.
    Exceptions that prove the rule.
    On the other hand, hashish gets its name from “assassins. who smoked it a lot. I can dig that.

  2. Lucy M

    They let an accused murderer back into the high school? That is the most reckless thing I have heard of. Nowhere I a parent of another kid, Inwould be screaming. Let him have a tutor at his house.

    1. kingston resident

      Agreed Strongly, the judge and DA responsible for allowing this person out on bail without strong restrictions. Make sure next election to vote the judge and DA out who handled this case, they are both very incompetent. Maybe a formal complaint to bar assoc.

      Can we imagine a student charged with a gang shooting back in school before trial?

  3. Kk

    Innocent until proven guilty. We don’t know the full story, maybe he did, but maybe he didn’t. If they didn’t let him back in the school it would be considered unconstitutional and this boy could sue for millions of dollars. I’m sure a lot of kids would be removed from schools everywhere if we went by crimes that they were actually already convicted of. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t be concerned if my child was attending school with this kid but he has the right to go there. Also I am sure he will be monitored very closely.

  4. Kingston resident

    Sorry i have great faith that KPD would not make arrest that was not valid. We are talking about a gang murder that occurred. i dont think this person will be suing Kingston school anytime soon, his criminal charge for gang murder will be keeping him busy.

    When jury finds this gang guilty they should all receive mandatory 25 before parole, 25 years mandatory minuim before any parole board, we will follow this case.

    *Gang Murder a Serious Crime, Ulster County Court and Kingston Must Send Strong Message on Gangs in Kingston.

    25 to life minium. each,

    1. Bb

      A gang murder? 😂 you are very unintelligent! That boy plays nothing but sports for the school and is a honorrole student. As for kpd they have been corrupt since the beginning of time. What about the young man walking to work they a cop illegally detained and arrested after assaulting and after being taser 19 times?? What about that??? It’s all on video!! How about the facts. Don’t speak on things you know nothing about with your biased cracker mouth. What about vanallen that had sex with a underage girl when she was 16 and she got pregnant? What happen to that officer? he got a promotion after that. Try living on the other side of you green grass for just a day!

  5. Kingston Resident

    Many Special Thanks To K.P.D. For Their Great Work and Dedicated Efforts in Protecting The Public From These Gang Thugs Who Attempt Control of Our Kingston Community.

    Zero Tolerance For Gangs in Kingston

    *donate, support and help K.P.D.

  6. Dee

    The DA is more corrupt than the President. Holly Carnright should have been forced out of office a lonbg time ago. He’s more of a thug than a gang banger. The man has some serious issues.

    1. Kingston Resident

      Kingston will not become a gang city as Newburgh.

      We will follow and petition the court for very strong enforcement of such gang crimes and investigate active gang members within the Kingston community, through modern database technology.

      Police Video Cameras are making this job much easier as we gather info on local gang members.

      1. HP

        You my friend are very unintelligent and this is far from gang related. Seems like you may be racist assuming this is gang related cause of their race …. I’ve read every single article on this case never once was the word gang used topical ignorance of a racist

        1. Stop Gangs Kingston

          HP, dont try to deny this gang murder in kingston.

          Dont be worried i have already called the DA to voice opinion and had others call as well.

          We will follow this case and make sure these gang thugs are sentenced by Ulster County Court to a very significant time.

          Careful You dont make threats against witness, that is a serious crime…..

          Gangs in Kingston will learn their is always Vacancy at UCJ and The New York State Prison system.

          Very happy and pleased to see these 3 gang members in their UCJ jump suits(:

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