AJJ and Kimya Dawson at Colony

AJJ is the elliptical rechristening of the jesting, jostling, Phoenix-bred punk-rock band Andrew Jackson Jihad. Why the rebrand? Many good reasons come quickly to mind, but even so, the old fans grouse. The prolific band behind “The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving” and several thousand other specimens of sharp and tuneful punk wit with feeling owns a sprawling discography and a more sprawling geographical trail of sweaty shows at the head of the pop/punk movement of the aughts.

When AJJ visits Colony in Woodstock on Saturday, October 13, they will be co-headlining with the singular Kimya Dawson, formerly half of the endearingly lo-fi (and massively popular) duo the Moldy Peaches. Dawson’s solo career proceeds in a similar poetic anti-folk mode: unvarnished, unapologetically lo-fi, surreal (“Axl Rose-hips and Richard Persimmons,” she sings in “Great Crap”) and genuinely thought-provoking. AJJ and Dawson will be joined by Shellshag and Rozwell Kid in what promises to be…well, a night, that’s for sure. Tickets cost a mere and populist $18 in advance, and a somewhat posher $22 at the door.

AJJ and Kimya Dawson concert, Saturday, Oct. 13, 7 p.m., $22/$18, Colony, 2 Rock City Rd., Woodstock, (845) 657-4047, www.colonywoodstock.com