Letter: New Paltz gun range poses “dire situation” for neighbors

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A group of Springtown Road residents and business owners have joined together to apprise the New Paltz Community of a dire situation in our neighborhood.

We have tried as individuals to do something about what we regard as very dangerous, but since individual efforts have been fruitless, we have now organized as a group.

Between Kleinkill and Dug Road, on the east side of Springtown Road, a piece of property is being used as an unofficial, unregulated shooting range. We hear shooting five to six days a week at different times throughout the day and, even more dangerous, after dark as well. We report hearing noises that sound like bombs and semi–automatic weapons and, at times, unending volleys.


We are extremely concerned about our safety and the safety of others who walk, bike and kayak near and drive past this range. We fear stray bullets could strike us even if we are on our own property. This shooting range is also near New Paltz Biking, New Paltz Kayaking and across the Wallkill River from the New Paltz Golf Course and two restaurants, Upstairs On Nine and Garvan’s. Those business owners worry about the safety of their patrons, as well as the impact of the noise on their businesses.

Our town already has a safe, organized shooting range called The New Paltz Rod and Gun Club. Anyone who meets the requirements can join. Why do we need to have one official gun club that is regulated and one unofficial gun range that has no signage, no regulations and no safeguards? We have no idea who is using this range or whether or not they have had proper training. There is no fencing to keep people out and no protective barriers that we know of in place.

Safety is the most important issue, but there are other concerns that directly impact our lives. The constant shooting affects peoples’ quality of life in terms of enjoyment of their own home and property and, in some cases, even their health.

Property values, too, are affected by this shooting. Who would want to buy a house anywhere near what sounds like a war zone?

On September 20, our group’s members presented statements at a combined meeting of the New Paltz Town Board and representatives of the New Paltz police. We are awaiting a response from the town government. Until that happens, if you share our concerns, please join us.


Amy Kletter; Sandra Panman; Alex Passas; Rick Faloon; Jim Gordon; Linda Abbot; Ray Lunati; Victoria Curry; Brian Douglas; Caroline Paulson; Susan Piowaty; Valerie Light; Bob Joseph; Craig Chapman, owner New Paltz Kayaking and New Paltz Biking; Garvan McCloskey, owner Garvan’s; Karen Fury, owner Upstairs on 9 Café; Larry Fury, owner New Paltz Golf Course

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  1. Matt

    they are within their rights cops have been there also dec has been there and it’s all legal and the people’s 2nd amendment right also I would much rather hear those shots than those damn dogs barking all day/night. plus people have been shooting there for years over 20 and no one has ever been hurt from it

  2. JP

    Why did you move next to a gun range if you don’t like shooting? The range has been there over 20 years, and now you’re concerned? It sounds like a bunch of anti 2nd amendment people are pushing their agenda!

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