Saugerties Town Board updates income-based property tax deductions for vets and seniors

In an amendment (or in golf terms, a Mulligan) to a previously published report, the Saugerties Town Board passed its second new local law of 2018 on Aug. 15, adjusting income-based property tax deductions for senior citizens, Cold War veterans and those with disabilities.

The deductions operate on a graduated scale, with senior and disabled residents who make less than $29,000 a year earning a 50 percent deduction on their property’s taxed value, all the way down to a 5 percent reduction for those who make between $36,500 to $37,400. Cold War veterans are eligible for a 10 percent deduction on their property value, not to exceed $8,000.

“I am glad that the town board supported lowering property taxes for those seniors, veterans, and disabled citizens who have lower incomes.” said Councilman Mike MacIsaac. “We as a community need to support such residents so they don’t have to choose between paying their taxes and life’s basic necessities.”


Property owners interested in taking advantage of the deductions should make an appointment with the tax assessor at Town Hall, said MacIsaac, and come prepared with their relevant tax documents.

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  1. JR

    Mr. MacIsaac & Ms. Coulter thank you for clarifying this law from the previous article. This is now understandable and makes sense.

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