Saugerties Town Board caps taxes for vets and seniors

The Saugerties Town Board passed their second new local law of 2018 on Aug. 15, setting an upper limit on how much senior citizens and veterans have to pay in property taxes. According to the language of the law, those taxes will not exceed 10 percent of the taxpayer’s property assessment, or $8,000. “The number of people this affects is really very small,” said Councilman Mike MacIsaac. “It’s to watch out for our senior citizens who don’t make a lot of money.”

A series of routine hirings and pay adjustments were also passed by the board. A part-time security attendant, James F. McGrath, was hired per the recommendation of the Parks and Recreation Department at $13.50. Also added to the department were new part-time clerk Erin Buck at $15 per hour and Graeme M. Knisell at a rate of $11 per hour. 

Police dispatcher Beth Dominowski went from full-time to part-time and Mary Seyfarth was hired as a 90-day temporary full-time dispatcher.


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  1. JR

    Mr. MacIsaac Can you elaborate on this. It is 10% of assessed value or $8,000? So a senior citizen with a 900,000 assessment who is now paying about 30K will only pay 8K next year? How is this number very “small”? We have many seniors and veterans in Saugerties. Also, Where will the lost revenue be made up? Will others taxes increase? And it may be true that some seniors don’t make a lot of money there are many that do have a lot of money in the area. What about the young people who don’t make a lot of money and can not afford to live in Saugerties because of the high property taxes. Should they move elsewhere? This article is very short on substance. The Times should do a follow up with more info & facts for the taxpayers.

    1. JR

      Ms. Coulter, Can you follow up this article with some more info? Does this mean that the many high end homes in Saugerties with very high assessed values which are owned by senior citizens will have their taxes capped at $8,000? Does this include school taxes? What is the definition of a senior citizen in regards to this law? If your going to write an article please cover the facts. Don’t leave the loyal Saugerties Times readers at a loss for details. Thanks

  2. Bill Berardi

    Saugerties Town Board caps taxes for vets and seniors – wow – does this include school taxes and county taxes? No limit on break if home is worth a million bucks or more?

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