Kingston Artist Soapbox Derby rolls in Sunday

The Van Gogh-karts will roll once again on Sunday afternoon, August 19, at the 23rd anniversary of the Kingston Artist Soapbox Derby. Sarah Bissonnette-Adler and Sarah Olivieri have taken over the reins from the founders George Donskoj and Nancy Schneider Donskoj, backed by an army of volunteers from the local arts community.

The first gravity vehicle will launch at or about 12 noon from the corner of Broadway and Spring Street, and the last…well, that depends on how well things roll this year. Remember, this is not a race, but an artistic competition, and every Derby seems to include at least one or two pieces of “kinetic art” that require a fair bit of encouragement to make it in a more-or-less straight line to the bottom of the hill.

However long it takes, afterwards the vehicles will be lined up for your admiration (and votes) along West Strand, bands will play and vendors will vend until the judges reach their decisions and hand out the awards in T. R. Gallo Park on the waterfront. Besides the usual First Place in the Kids’ (age 13 and under) Division, the Coveted People’s Choice Award and, for the slowest finisher, the Rondout Reject (a/k/a Horse’s Ass) Award, this year’s entrants will also be competing in a special category: Tributes.


The fees are $45 for adult-made entries and $35 for youth-made entries. To register, volunteer, donate or find out more about the 2018 Kingston Artist Soapbox Derby, visit