New Paltz considers eliminating free parking on Sundays

Downtown New Paltz (photo by Lauren Thomas)

To offset future budget problems, the New Paltz Village Board is looking at increases for parking meters, as well as water and sewer rates. The board is proposing eliminating Sunday as a day of rest from the cost of parking. Mayor Tim Rogers explained at a recent meeting that parking meters serve two functions: they generate revenue, but they also turn over spaces. Rogers noted that keeping people returning to their cars on Sundays could lead to more business locally.

A public hearing regarding the adoption of a local law amending the village code for the hours of parking meter operation to include Sundays between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. will be held on Wednesday, June 27, 7 p.m., at New Paltz Village Hall.

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  1. Sojourner 2 Ruth

    The Village bar P and Gs, its barber shop three upstairs apartments and taco stand are taxed at 3.5% of $500,000. That whole corner enclave has been assessed at $500,000 since before the last century ended. If the mare wants to solve the budget problem, so he alludes, he should tell the town tax assessor that P and G’s is worth more than $500,000 just as Lake Mohawk resort is worth more than the $2,500,000 is it valued at. Then all parking meters could be put in a museum and the non-commercial real property tax payer wouldn’t have to subsidize financially these village and town fraudulent practices.

      1. Your Local Assessor's

        Assessors dont “tax” anybody? The town board taxes, and the town tax collector sends out the bills. In the entire history of this country, assessors are but bureaucrats appointed by elected officials. The only assessor who was ever fired in this municipality was the one who told the Board of Assessment review that the town board member was a liar. The board member was let go also, but is now elected to the county legislator. Its a matter of public record. You should get a copy?

        1. FunkieGunkie

          Again with your semantics. Tax assessor name is on the bill that you send your taxes to. Is that good enough for you? Tax assessor also can raise your taxes with higher assessments. I never said the last assesor was fired. She resigned but that doesn’t mean it was her decision or voluntary.

    1. Village, Town, County, State and Federal Taxpayer

      The parking meters are in the Village of New Paltz not the Town of New Paltz? Mayors are in villages of New York, and cities of New York. Supervisors are in towns of New York only. First names are capitalized in the English language, not spelled with small letters? Townies can’t vote in Village elections, but Villagers can vote in both Village and Town elections. Students on campus can vote also in Village and Town elections because SUNY is in the Village which is in the Town, a territory of the county. Ignorance abounds all over New Paltz and we are not just being titular.

  2. taxpayer

    Mayor Tim Rogers has to be one of the dumbest village official ever elected. How does he get impeached? Is there even a process or is it typical backward ass New Paltz bs as usual?

  3. mad taxpayer

    Foolish people dont want property tax and also want to park for free.

    Raise the parking fee to $10 per hour, 24 hours 7 days.

    Sell limited special permits for $500 yearly.

    Lower my property taxes, charge for parking YES…

  4. Bruice E. Woych

    As it is, I never come into New Paltz anymore for campus or shopping since parking is such a hardship.
    Put a 1 cent local village tax on each alcohol beverage and that will surely generate more than parking.
    It seems unfair to claim this is a business friendly idea to shuffle customers into a frenzy to watch their meter.
    Is there any real evidence that Sunday business suffers because of parking spaces being blocked?
    Maybe cars should all be banned on Sunday instead, that should free up parking and traffic.

    1. mad taxpayer

      Should be a 50 cents per drink in the bars, mabye for drinks served 8:00pm until closed.

      legally it is very complex to create such a plan.

      mabey its time to look at the teachers who are way over paid for 6 months work and reduce school tax, no easy solution.

      Charging maxium possible for parking, and issusing yearly lottery limited number stickers for a $500 fee is a start.

      Mohonk should not be tax free, no way, Churchs should also pay.

  5. Denver John

    Eliminate the Village and have them take their water meters, parking meters, gas meters, electric meters and propane meters with them.

    1. mad tax payer

      No reason to take water meters they can easily be transfered with merger that wont ever happen.

  6. Tom SMith

    The parking meters are TOO DAMN HIGH !!! Look at Kingston, they doubled their rates to $1 per hour. As if they were Manhattan or something. Why is Albany charging only $0.50 per hour? Maybe because they know how to balance their budget.

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