Saugerties highway superintendent releases his list of expected projects

The Saugerties highway department aims to repave six miles of town roads with about 10,000 tons of blacktop by the end of this summer, according to superintendent Doug Myer. The state-funded CHIPS program will provide $361,318 in funding.

“There’s no schedule,” said the blunt-spoken Myer. “Who the hell knows what the weather will be like?”

Roads slated for repaving in the town include Eddy Street, Schirmer Avenue, Buffalo Road, Dave Elliot Road, John Schultz Road, Canoe Hill Road, John Carle Road, Snyder Road, and River Road. In the village, Finer Street and Bennett Avenue are due for repair. Baumgarten Road on the Woodstock town line will be repaved in conjunction with Woodstock’s highway department, and Serenity Drive will be paved in a joint effort with the Town of Ulster. 


Paving upgrades have already been completed at Cantine Field. The Department of Public Works garage property is in the process of being repaved. Two areas around the town hall will be repaved in the near future. 

In addition, Myer said, culverts on Wilhelm Road, Platte Cove Road, Brink Road, Van Vleirden Road and Dave Elliot Road will be replaced with state New York Rising funds. 

The dam in Mount Marion park, damaged during Hurricane Irene, will be replaced entirely. According to Myer, the water level in that area of Plattekill Creek has become so low that, in the event of a fire emergency at Mt. Marion Elementary School, the Mt. Marion fire department would be unable to use it to supply water. 

Catch basins and drainage on Cottontail Lane and Osnas will be upgraded.

The blacktop will come from Peckham Industries in Catskill and Callanan Industries in East Kingston.