Michelle Shocked to headline the Falcon’s Springfest

Michelle Shocked (photo by Chad Batka)

The Falcon began as a labor-of-love venue for intimate house concerts, but it expanded rapidly to a new building (a renovated button factory) with great acoustics and top-tier jazz, blues, world, folk and rock musicians. Then it added a second stage to provide airtime for more experimental (and local) music. From its early days, it has also been an actively curated art gallery and – as of recently – a museum as well (the Avalon Archives, located in the Falcon Underground). Given this scope, it is not really such a surprise that the Falcon’s Springfest all-day event on Saturday, May 26 is a highly conceptual unified multimedia event: The Falcon in Delusionville, a festival revolving around Ron English’s Rabbits in Delusionville rock opera and artwork.

Curated by Ron English, the three-stage, noon-to-close show boasts an impressive list of performers, including the incendiary folk/rocker Michelle Shocked, legendary jam band (and Soulive antecedent) Moon Boot Lover, local star Decora, former We Must Be songwriter Christine Dominguez and many more. Per usual at the Falcon, there is no cover charge – even for a full-day, 12-act festival in an utterly classy environment by the stunning Marlboro Falls– but generous direct-to-the-artist donation is what keeps the boat afloat.

The Falcon is located at 1348 Route 9W in Marlboro. For more information, visit www.liveatthefalcon.com.