Many property assessments up in Saugerties

(Will Dendis)

The town of Saugerties has increased assessed values in the 2018 assessment roll, town officials said last week.

“The Town of Saugerties has been committed to maintaining assessments at 100 percent of market value since completely reassessing properties in 2010,” town assessor Frank Orlando stated in a release Tuesday.

To do this, the office compares what properties sell for to what they’re assessed at and adjusts upward or downward, depending on what the market does. “Due to these trends, assessed values were decreased in 2011, 2012, and 2013; no adjustments were made in 2014 and 2015; and there was a partial increase in 2016 and 2017,” Orlando stated.


For 2018, stated Orlando, the adjustment was again upward for some categories of real estate. Assessments of residential properties valued between $150,000 and $200,000 went up 2 percent. Assessments of residential properties valued greater than $200,000, as well as all apartments, went up 6 percent. Properties within the village’s commercial business district had their assessed value increased 10 percent.

“On May 22 [the Board of Assessment Review] will be in the senior center and anyone can present a grievance in person or in writing and it will be considered,” said town supervisor Fred Costello Jr.

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  1. Anthony Kordich

    Taxation without representation a formula used to make a mass assessment without ever looking at properties. As many properties depreciated they were assessed at higher values. This is robbery made legal through the states formula. Don’t worry town and village employees will still get their benefits and raises . As more middle class people will be forced to sell and move and the income medium will rise .

  2. JR.

    So, the village commercial business district went up 10% but village commercial waterfront businesses on Ferry st. had no increase. Strange , I guess these locations do not increase in value. Properties valued under 150k also had no increase. Also strange. These properties must also not increase in value either. Does the Assessor pick and choose who gets an increase or does he have a basis. If an area is seeing an increase in real estate values ALL properties would see an increase in value. Unequal assessments and out of control spending are going to be the downfall of this town.

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