Onteora walkout goes smoothly

(Photo by Shane Stackpole)

About 120 Onteora High School and Middle School students, along with approximately 70 from Bennett School walked out of classes, along with students around the nation, showing solidarity with students in Parkland, Florida from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 14 students and three staff members were gunned down by a former student a month ago.

“It went great,” said Onteora superintendent Victoria McLaren. “We’re very proud of our students.” According to McLaren, the students gathered in the gym and were handed orange ribbons. They then walked out to the track as a group, walked the track, gave out cards to those who wished to send messages to Parkland students, observed a moment of silence, then returned to classes.

McLaren said several students organized the demonstration. “They worked directly with the administration in the building to make sure everything went smoothly.”


She also said that there were students who stayed inside. “I wouldn’t venture to assume I know why, but they were certainly welcome to make their choice.” She called the day a “successful expression of students feelings.”