Poll: Which store or restaurant would you most like to see come to Ulster County?

Often when we write about the fortunes of the town of Ulster’s commercial area on 9W, we notice readers offering suggestions for businesses that ought to move in. Among these suggestions, there are a few recurring choices; businesses, it is hoped, that could single-handedly turn things around.

If you could wave a magic wand, which would you choose?

What would you like to see open in the mall area of the town of Ulster?


  • Trader Joe's (52%, 110 Votes)
  • Whole Foods (24%, 51 Votes)
  • Wegmans (17%, 37 Votes)
  • None of the above- the mall area is perfect as it is (4%, 8 Votes)
  • Golden Corral (3%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 213

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  1. Bruce Belligerent

    none of these businesses will come to ulster county because of the taxes. this county is dead. its so obvious now that winter is coming. this will the be year sears CLOSES and what else??? middleclass getting wiped out.

    1. JamaicaonHudson

      Nope, wrong Bruce. First, there’s a difference between class and income: The Middle Class (i.e. majoritarian society in household-form, is fine). The working and lower-classes, particularly those no longer earning a middle income, are not. The reason for this was/is the decline of American Manufacturing (industry which supplied relatively high wages and training for “unskilled” workers)…Conversely, the middle-class, are those who possess a modest degree of generational wealth and education. Typically, that segment of society is concentrated in skilled industries (i.e. stem fields, high tech, and medical industries) and management. Many are dealing with less expendable income, but they are not “getting wiped out”–at least not to the degree of the working class and working-poor.

      The root cause of Ulster County’s stagnant job creation isn’t the tax rate–it’s the fact that our economic model is obsolete. Path dependency+deindustrialization=Stagnant wages and skyrocketing inflation. In short, it’s the model that’s the problem…

      1. Bruce Belligerent

        JamaicaonHudson im talking about middle income. there aren’t any jobs here. i dont know what your trying to say about middle class. distinction with a difference. whenever i hear someone talk about “models” i know their superimposing something they heard from elsewhere on the reality around them instead of just looking for themselves. UPSTATE IS A HELL HOLE. THERE ARE NO JOBS. the only people that like it make their money from the city. i guess its also good if your a teacher or gov’t worker since their the only ones with jobs with benefits and raises. hmmm wonder why the taxes are so bad. meanwhile industry is moving down south wonder why???? taxes up here cost $5000 same house in the south would be 700. don’t have to be a rocket scientist……..

        1. JamaicaonHudson

          There are plenty of jobs–in certain fields. Unfortunately, manufacturing is not one of them…Hence why an economic model structured around an industry that, essentially, no longer exists is problematic…

  2. JamaicaonHudson

    I voted (yay, me) for Whole Foods because (*cough* Jeff Bezos *cough*) I adore their (*sneeze* Amazon HQ2 *sneeze*)…peaches.

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