Kingston Times Letters: Vote for Drew, in defense of Jennifer Schwartz Berky

Drew Andrews is a leader

Bryant Drew Andrews has dedicated his life to community, arts, health and wellness. Drew is currently executive director of the Center for Creative Education in Kingston and is founder and director of CCE’s award-winning hip-hop dance troupe, Energy.

Drew has over 20 years of experience working with youth. He shares his strong belief that family fitness can strengthen the family bond and have a positive, long-term impact with youth and adults in the community.

Drew established “Let’s Move! Ulster” and “Let’s Move! Dutchess,” free yearly fitness events that continue to strengthen community collaborations. Through his leadership, schools, elected officials, local businesses, religious organizations and healthcare facilities all work in consort toward a common goal of healthy community.


With his proven leadership skills and dedication to community and family, I proudly support Bryant Drew Andrews for Kingston City Council alderman in Ward 7.

Donna Seymour

Need for clean politics

The October 20 Kingston Times article about the video of Jennifer Schwartz Berky’s traffic stop brings to our attention the need in our country and community for clean politics. The Daily Freeman reported that the officer who pulled Jennifer over was the nephew of her opponent and the video was held for six months, only to be released on the eve of the election.  This type of timing calls into question the political motivations behind this act.

I have known Jennifer for a number of years, as she has volunteered her time and incredible mind to various tasks within our community. Jennifer is honest, intelligent, kind and hard-working.  She has dedicated countless hours of service to our city and its residents, and it is evident from her work that she is passionate about serving the people of Kingston.

Rather than being swayed by dirty politics, I encourage the residents to vote for a candidate whose record of dedicated service proves her commitment to our community, Jennifer Schwartz Berky.

Felipa Gaudet

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  1. Bruce E. Woych

    Trick or Treat? When the political interests come knocking at your door, who’s who behind the mask? Just about one year ago, James Comey, then acting director of the FBI, slammed Hillary Clinton with a fallacious innuendo openly which decidedly cost her the election. Now we have Putin-gate making Russia great again, in part thanks to that historical misogyny in our politics. In our local politics, the decision to disclose a video dash cam recording of a traffic violation that actually occurred last May of 2017, five months ago, now released to the public in a form very reminiscent of the James Comey bushwhacking of Hillary Clinton, just prior to the election. The fact that the traffic violation was pumped up to be a political character assassination is an open question. But Officer Kevin Woltman (the nephew of Brian) was called to the scene to “back-up” this traffic stop. What is not disclosed, if information on-line is correct, is that another Woltman “son” is also listed as the dispatcher for the Kingston Police Force on the other ende of that radio call.. No connections? I think an unbiased assessment of the total situation might suggest that some intentional targeting is not out of the question.

    1. Jason

      Watch the video. She assassinated her own character simply by displaying it. This could and should have been a simple speeding ticket. Her face could have never even appeared in the video if she would have stayed in the car. She chose to speed. She chose to react to a ticket in an outlandish fashion. She chose to fight the release of the video and create her own “October Surprise”. This is not some Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. This is not misogyny. This is not sexism. This is simply one person’s poor behavior having a natural consequence. We all would do well to recognize and learn from that.

  2. JP

    Felipe, officer Short is not the nephew of Berky’s opponent. The officer who came later is. By the time the other officer arrived, Berky was already halfway through her whole act of trying to get out of her speeding ticket, having panic attacks! and not listening to the officer who stopped her. She puts on quite an embarrassing show over one ticket, one ticket that the officer offered to change to a far lesser charge. I think the video has come out because Berky has yet show up for a court appearance in June, July , August, September, and October. Anyone who watches the video will be quite surprised by the way Berky overreacted to being given a ticket she deserves for speeding. Watch the video before you decide who to vote for in November, and ask yourself is this the type of person you wish to represent your community!

  3. William Tellem

    She is insane. Did you listen to her. A full 26 minutes of incessant non-stop babbling. She used every trick in the book: I have to feed my young child; I’m having a panic attack; I’m broke; I was forced to keep driving quickly because “they beep at you” if you slow down; I don’t feel safe; I don’t understand my rights; I’ll fight this in court; I’m late for an important meeting; I missed my meeting; I work for the county; and on and on! She wouldn’t even listen to the policeman’s extremely generous offer. What a twisted sick, insane little pit-bull. And then the Skank that protests the release of her insane display was “timed” for the elections – when it was HER lawyer who tried to quash the tape. Drain the swamp. And the cop would get my vote for POTUS any day of the year.

  4. Jason

    Your assertions that this was timed for strategic release and that there was a familial connection to the officer involved are great examples of the dirty politics and lies you claim to be so against. The video speaks for itself: she is either unstable or dishonest. Either one of these traits disqualifies her from receiving my vote.

  5. Tutu Fun

    Felipa Gaudet – you are promoting dirty politics by lying about which officer made the stop.
    I’m utterly bewildered that anyone who viewed the entire 26 minute video, could defend and support Ms. Berky, who exhibited such despicable behavior, and acted so poorly towards another person, let alone a police officer.
    By her actions, she is emotionally unfit for office.

  6. Dylan Kennedy

    I saw a rabid​ opossum up the street from my house the other day, maybe it will run for county legislator.

  7. Sheila

    This article is wrong! Officer Wolton was not the officer that pulled her over for speeding. Wolton was sent to the scene after the officer involved was taking along time during a simple traffic citation. He was sent as back up.

  8. Lifelong Dem

    But Rep. Schwartz-Berky was a no-show to court FOUR TIMES.

    Who did this to her?

    Who singled her out and forced her to behave this way in the first place?

    That’s what I’d like to know.

  9. StockadeNeighbor

    Rather than focus on Berky’s speeding and frantic antics in that video, voters should focus on the more discouraging truths of Berky’s conduct and words. Berky’s sense of entitlement to special treatment above the law, and her disdain for law enforcement tell voters something very important. Apparently, Berky is one of many self-centered public officials who believe in their own special status and have little respect for those who challenge that sense of entitlement. voters are fortunate to see Berky’s wanting character on display here.

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