Saugerties Times election letters

Support Vinnie

Ok Saugerties, we completed step 1 and successfully got “Vinnie” through the primary and officially on the ballot! It is now time to complete process and vote him in for Town Council on Tuesday, November 7.

Vinnie has lived in Ulster County for his entire life, and in Saugerties for the last 15. He has served and protected our community for the last 32 years as a member of the Ulster County Sherrif’s Departmet. Vinnie currently oversees a $7M budget and supervises nearly 100 full and part time employees as the Captain of Police Services in Ulster County. Vinnie is the perfect candidate to support the Saugerties Community. Vinnie is running to listen to taxpayers, to make reasonable and informed financial decisions while keeping the small businesses of Saugerties in mind. Vinnie is a community man, a protector of Ulster County, and is the living example of  the word “friend” in our “Welcome to Friendly Saugerties” sign. Please show your support and vote for Vincent Altieri for Town Council.

Damion Ferraro

Voters beware

I have been approached on several occasions by both enrolled and non-enrolled voters regarding the “Independence Party.” The Party’s name creates much confusion among voters, which arises from the fact that “independents” and “Independence” sounds so much alike. Yet, while the words may sound alike, there is a tremendous difference between them. This is an issue that cries out for some clarification.


People who vote  but are not enrolled in a political party are properly referred to as “Independent Voters,”  or “Independents.” There is no formal, official party of these independent voters, and no party appears on the ballot for them. On the other hand, however, the Independence Party (and note the difference in spelling), is a political party, one with specific philosophies and enrolled members. The Independence Party does appear on the ballot.

We, of the Conservative Party, recognize the right and privilege to exercise one’s free will in an election, but that means free in all respects…including freedom of choice without coercion or deceit. Perhaps it has been by design or deceit rather than chance or coincidence that non-enrolled, independent voters are confused by the names. Forewarned is forearmed: be very careful and exercise diligent caution this Election Day. Do not be misguided by political ads into thinking that candidates endorsed by the Independence Party are independent voters…don’t be hoodwinked.

Gaetana Ciarlante, Vice Chairwoman
Town of Saugerties Conservative Party

MacIsaac is an independent thinker

My name is Mike MacIsaac and I’m running for Ulster County Legislature, District 1, on the Democratic and Working Families party lines. I was born in Saugerties, and spent most of my life here. My wife and I are raising three children in the community.
I feel that my background and experience will be valuable to the Saugerties community and Ulster County. I served four years in the U..S Marine Corps, served as a Saugerties School Board trustee, been an ASYO soccer coach, have lead “Engineer’s Week” in elementary schools for many years, have helped lead Boy Scouts events, have volunteered with “Habitat for Humanity,” as well as other community service.
My motto is “Each issue on its own merit.” That means I will study every issue that arises, and form my own judgment about it. After that I will discuss how the parties stand. In this sense, I will be an independent thinker and legislator. I am concerned about affordable home ownership, senior housing, better broadband access, energy sustainability and the goal of “net zero carbon,” and compassionate treatment for opioid addiction.”
If you live in Saugerties west of the Thruway or north of Malden Turnpike, please get out and vote on November 7th on Row A and the Working Family Party line. See  for more information. I am asking for your support and will work hard for you if elected.

Mike MacIsaac,
Candidate for UC Legislature, District 1

Altieri for town board

I wanted to encourage Saugerties  to vote for Vincent Altieri for Saugerties town council.  I have had the honor of knowing Vinnie for several years, and have gotten to see first hand, how much his family and this town, Saugerties, means to him. When Vinnie first told us he was considering running for office, my first question was “why would you put yourself through that?” His answer was one we all need to hear more often. It was simply —rather than complaining about what needs to be done, he said, I want to do what needs to be done.

As a life long Ulster county resident and with more than 30 years in the Ulster County Sheriff’s office overseeing more than 100 employees, I, too, believe he not only knows what changes and improvements would benefit Saugerties, but I sincerely believe that Vinnie can implement those changes. He is organized, dedicated and persistent to the end. His ability to assess and evaluate situations and listen to input is second nature and he has no issue standing his ground no matter who it is confronting him.

Vinnie is not a politician, he is a parent, a son, a neighbor, and a homeowner and his desire to make changes for the better comes from that perspective and that alone, not from Political aspirations. We are fortunate to have such a thoughtful capable and dedicated candidate to vote for. Please join me in supporting Vincent Altieri for the Saugerties Town Board.

Barbara Farcher

Outstanding MacIsaac

Mike MacIsaac is the Democratic Party candidate for Ulster County Legislature in District 1, located mostly on the West side of the Thruway in Saugerties. Shortly after I served six years on the Saugerties Board of Education, Mike was elected to the Board. I kept track of his work on the Board and was very impressed by his energetic efforts to understand the nuances of the issues and his intelligence in advocating for what was best for the students, teachers and staff of the District, as well as the taxpayers. In particular, he led the effort to have the Board adopt a Resolution that allowed for the reduction in school taxes for senior citizens.

I am confident that if elected to the Legislature, he will do an outstanding job in the best interest of the residents of Saugerties and Ulster County. Please vote for Mike on  November 7.

Lanny Walter

Attention Saugerties voters

As you know, this year I am the Republican-Conservative candidate for town supervisor. As such, I feel that it is necessary to address some significant issues facing the town that have recently surfaced which are, or should be, a concern to all of us. It is vital that voters know exactly where I stand on these issues in order to make the right decision this Election Day.

First and foremost, under recent scrutiny by the State Comptroller’s Office, it has been

determined that the Town of Saugerties is on shaky fiscal grounds, particularly evident when compared to other towns in our county. It is, therefore, essential that this be a fundamental consideration in the Town’s future financial plans and decisions. Accordingly, I pledge this to the people of Saugerties:

⁃When elected Town Supervisor I will work tirelessly to ensure that all members of the Board are well informed on all issues. I will follow the Open Government Laws to be certain that the public has its voice with respect to any issue that is put before us.

⁃I will work diligently in an attempt to create an environment conducive to job opportunities so that families and their members will remain in Saugerties.

⁃As to the budget, each and every expenditure will be scrutinized with an eye toward lowering the ultimate cost to the taxpayer. I feel strongly that the 2018 proposed budget should be trimmed to keep spending to a minimum in a serious effort to rebuild the Town’s fund balance. Under the circumstances, I’m strongly opposed to handing out hefty raises, particularly during these tough times. We are entering contract negotiations with the unions and in view of our status as noted above, it would behoove the Board to tighten our belts in order to keep this community a place where we can still afford to comfortably live.

⁃We need to look at our expenses in relation to what we can afford — as your supervisor, I promise to do just that. While I have tremendous respect for the hard-working employees who keep our town running, we will all need to work together, make some temporary sacrifices and then reap the long-term benefits. People must be able to afford to live here.

-I will continue to promote and push a resolution that will provide dollars to our local volunteer Fire Departments and Ambulance Services that will assist them in providing the required emergency services when new developments come in front of our Planning Board and are built in our community. It should be noted that these dollars will be paid by the developers as part of our Planning Board fee schedule.


-I will work hard to develop and implement a program that will give senior citizens

over the age of 65 a well deserved break in their property taxes.

⁃And, finally, I will guarantee the voters that a Republican-Conservative majority, under my leadership, will result in careful overseeing of spending on the road back to a financially flourishing and successful community.

James “Jimmy” Bruno

Vote for Tucker

I would like to preface this letter by stating that I am not enrolled in any political party. I believe in voting for the person I feel is the best for the job. That being said, I would like to ask my fellow Saugertiesians to vote for Don Tucker on November 7.

I have been fortunate to know Don for over 30 years. I have worked with him as a police officer for the Town of Saugerties and can honestly state he is one of the most upstanding and honorable men I have ever known. Don has a core set of values that are “ old school” — honest, integrity and compassion. He believes in treating every one with respect and values their opinions. And if something is worth doing, it’s best to do it correctly the first time.

Don has lived in Saugerties his entire life and is familiar with the “workings” of the town. He has valuable insight through his years  serving on the school board and on the police department and I believe this will greatly enhance his ability to serve the community.

So please remember to vote on election day and to vote for the person you feel will do the best job and represent the constituents of our town.

Stephanie Steyer-Wynne

Support Vincent Altieri

I am writing this letter in support of Vincent Altieri who is running for the Saugerties town Board. Vinnie is a true professional. I have had the pleasure of working with him on numerous community events and he has always been a level headed think it through individual. Vinnie is someone who truly has the residents of Saugerties in his better interest.

Over the last few months speaking to him about the real issues in our town and his plans to move us in a positive direction is the type of focus we want in a town board member.  Vinnie is no stranger to hard work and I feel is the right choice on election day to move us forward. He understands our struggles and as a parent and resident of this community knows what we need to do to fix them. Please join me in supporting his candidacy this November on election day.

Michael A Sasso, Chief Glasco Fire District

Standing on my record

In October 2014, when I was in attendance at a fundraiser for Gilda Riccardi for Surrogate Court at Diamond Mills, Cappy Weiner, the Attorney for the County Legislature introduced me to his wife while he patted me on the back, and said, “this is County Legislator Chris Allen, he is pretty good as a far as politicians go.” My response to Mr. Weiner was, “Cappy, if you took a secret poll and asked all of the other legislators which of their colleagues they trust the most, I would win.” Counselor Weiner replied “Chris you would win by a mile, the second place legislator would not even be close to you, we sometimes talk among the staff about how you are the only legislator with absolutely no agenda behind your office, you are just out to help people and do good work.”

The day after I was elected, I phoned Legislator Dean Fabiano and told him that I looked forward to working with him towards bringing economic development and jobs into the area and trying to take the burden off of the taxpayers, after which, I said similar things to the leader of the Republican Caucus.

When I would attend Saugerties Town Board meetings, quite often, I was the only County Legislator in attendance, and while I was there, I would make sure to grab two extra meeting agenda sheets to give to my two fellow Saugerties legislators the next time that I saw them. In my 46 months in the Ulster County Legislature, I have earned the reputation of being an independent voter who has the ability to stand up to influences. Because of this, I am able to earn votes within particular committees that give me the opportunity to get my resolutions out onto the floor for a vote by the full legislature.

To me, professionalism and mutual respect is a two-way street, if you show all of your colleagues respect, you will have some come back to you in return. I have always gone out of my way to work very closely with my two fellow Saugerties legislators, and during election season, this has caused some problems. Specifically, the opposing party bosses have put extreme amounts of pressure on my two fellow Saugerties legislators to write letters of support in endorsement of my political opponents, particularity when they have complained to these party bosses about my close working relationship with my colleagues from the other caucus. At the 2017 Mum Festival, when Legislator Mary Wawro held the proclamation award in celebration of Saugerties Chrysanthemum Day while I read it, I saw my political opponent glaring at us. So when you read of “endorsement letters” proclaiming their support of him over me, realize the truth behind the scenes.

As a candidate for political office, I have never asked for the endorsement of another politician. I have always been able to stand alone on my ideas and my record!

Chris Allen, Ulster County Legislature