The New Paltz Democratic primary will take place on September 12

This year, the New Paltz Democrats are ending the tradition of caucusing to choose their candidates in favor of a primary, to be held Tuesday, September 12. Democrats registered in the town will vote at their usual polling places on September 12 any time from noon until 9 p.m.

Democrats will be choosing a candidate for town supervisor and two councilman candidates.

Ballot order was determined last month. Democratic county elections commissioner Ashley Dittus confirmed that the name of incumbent supervisor Neil Bettez would be listed on the ballot before the name of challenger Marty Irwin. The town-board candidates in order will be Daniel Torres, David Brownstein and Jennifer Ippolito.


Democratic Committee members endorsed Irwin, Torres and Ippolito, snubbing incumbent Bettez, who is running on a slate with Torres and Brownstein.