Saugerties Times letters (9/7-13)

Support Vincent Altieri

This letter is in support of Vincent Altieri, who is running for the Saugerties town board. Saugerties residents are fortunate to have Vinnie running in the November 5 election for the town board.

Vinnie has deep roots in the community, having lived in the hamlet of Glasco for most of his life. Vinnie is a greatly admired professional at The Ulster County sheriff’s office, where he leads the entire Criminal Division.

I have had the opportunity to work with Vinnie numerous times with the Centerville Fire District where he went above and beyond to support the volunteers during critical and stressful situations. He will bring his vision, expertise, and dedication to our town board. I know that he wants a leading edge community for this town he loves and cares for so much. We’re lucky to have such an outstanding public servant standing for election to the Saugerties town board.


James A. Mullen
Chief, Centerville Fire District


Attention, Saugerties Conservatives

The Town of Saugerties Conservative Party will hold its caucus to nominate town candidates for the November 2017 election on Thursday, September 14 at 7 p.m. at the Senior Center Complex on Market Street in Saugerties.

The Conservative Party’s screening committee conducted interviews of the people who share the values and principles of the Conservative Party and who are seeking our endorsement. After an extensive and in-depth interview of these prospective candidates, the committee has decided to recommend the following to the Conservative caucus: James Bruno for town supervisor, and Don Tucker and Joseph Roberti, Jr., for town board.

Jim Bruno has served for eight years as a town-board member and currently serves as the town’s deputy supervisor. He also spent several years on various town boards and committees, such as the planning board, zoning board and as chairman of the comprehensive planning committee.

Don Tucker is a retired police officer with 43 years experience between the village and town police departments. He also served for nine years on the school board, being elected as its board president, and 14 years as a trustee for the village of Saugerties.

Joe Roberti, Jr., was elected to represent Saugerties at the county level, where he served 14 years as a county legislator. As a legislator, Joe chaired the Public Health Committee, where he oversaw Golden Hill and served on the DPW, Board of Health and Economic Development committees.

All three of these men are well qualified and experienced, and all three have conservative values and principles. They will be assets to the town board. The committee urges all registered Conservatives to come out on Thursday, September 14 at 7 p.m. to support these exemplary candidates.

The Committee is also proud to recommend Lisa Stanley for town clerk, Dan Lamb for town judge and Doug Myer for highway superintendent. The committee is not recommending any candidate for receiver of taxes.

George Heidcamp, Sr.,
Chairman, Saugerties Conservative Party


Support for Altieri

I am writing in support of Vincent Altieri, who is running for the Saugerties town board. Captain Altieri is a community-oriented individual with a true passion for his town of Saugerties. I have worked with Vincent in my professional capacity and found him to be a man of integrity.

I have also called upon captain Altieri for both professional and personal assistance over the years, and he has never let me down. Vincent has been assisting me with the Legion Riders Veterans fundraising events for many years in his personal and professional capacity as both a member of the Legion Riders and as an officer in the Ulster County sheriff’s office. He has also offered me his insightful advice regarding my Saugerties-based accounting business and my Glasco residential property.

He is a reliable, honest man that can tackle any task, overcome any obstacle, and succeed in any mission he puts himself to. It is because of these traits and his outstanding character that I believe Vincent Altieri would make the finest of board members for the town of Saugerties. Please join me in supporting his candidacy by voting in the primary on September 12!

David R. Dolan, CPA


John Schoonmaker will listen

A major concern of the American people is knowing what their elected officials are doing for them and that they are being listened to by their chosen representatives. This means committing to multiple hearings on certain issues and proposed law changes, such as the ones held in regards to the proposed LED sign law. But there are further steps that can be taken to ensure that residents are being heard.

If elected, I plan to hold biweekly office hours, where any resident can come and discuss their concerns and what improvements they would like to see in Saugerties. While public hearings allow residents to be heard, they only address the issues for which the hearing is being set. And while monthly town board meetings allow citizens to voice their concerns in a public forum, they only occur once a month, and there is only so much that can be addressed in this limited timeframe.

By holding office hours on a regular basis, it allows for a continuous dialogue between residents and elected officials to occur. I will be better able to serve the community and ensure that both their needs and wants are heard and met by introducing an avenue for clear and open communication. It will allow residents to suggest new ideas for the town, and it also gives everyone a chance to ask questions about what the town board has planned and the direction we are all headed towards together.

I want to make sure that the community at large does not only feel they that they are being heard, but also see that they are being supported by their leadership. I want them to know that each decision made is a decision that the community made, together. This will help Saugerties continue to grow, prosper, and keep up with changing times. As a long time resident, I want nothing more than to see our town continue to flourish.

John Schoonmaker
Town board candidate


Taxes too high, Roberti says

As I talk with voters there is one common theme: property taxes are too high and many Saugerties residents are at their breaking point!

We are fortunate to live in a town with great scenic beauty and historic and cultural importance. Sadly, due to the plague of high property taxes, current and future generation may be forced to leave Saugerties to find hope and opportunity.


I am a candidate for the Saugerties town board because I believe we can reverse this trend. When elected, I pledge to work with my colleagues to deliver town services more efficiently, to pursue shared services/consolidations to reduce property taxes, and to make town government more open and transparent.

I believe my two decades of local government experience, town budget expertise and relationships with federal and state elected officials will help me be an effective town-board member.

While we face many challenges, I believe Saugerties is worth fighting for! If you are a member of the Republican or Independence parties, please vote for me on Primary Day, Tuesday, September 12 from noon to 9 p.m. If you are a member of the Conservative Party, please vote for me at your party caucus to be held on Thursday, September 14 at 7 p.m. at the Senior Center.

Joe Roberti, Jr.,
Town board candidate


Ray Mayone Jr. supports Altieri

It is my pleasure to write this letter in support of Vinnie Altieri, who is running for the Saugerties town board. I have known Vinnie for many years and have had the opportunity to work with him on various community events such as our Glasco Fire District Santa Run. Vinnie has always been an advocate for the people of our town.  Given Vinnie’s experience as a public servant, I am confident that he will represent us to the best of his ability. Please join me in supporting Vinnie Altieri on the upcoming September 12 Republican primary.

Raymond Mayone Jr.


Roberti understands government

I encourage registered Republicans in Saugerties to vote for Joe Roberti, Jr. in the primary for town council on September 12.

Joe is a dedicated father and very active in the community. He served seven terms in the Ulster County Legislature. He understands how our town government works and will make it run more efficiently.

The Saugerties town board needs independent thinkers like Joe who will stand up for taxpayers and prevent wasteful spending.

Jennifer McGee


Vote for term limits

As I’ve conversed with my fellow Saugerties residents over recent months, it’s obvious I’m not the only one passionate about term limits. It appears that all too often our elected officials chose to do nothing rather than something. It seems they’re more concerned with their next campaign rather than the promises they dole out each election cycle.

If instituted, term limits would guarantee new blood, fresh looks and a chance for the best and brightest in our community to usher in real innovation and shared information.

Presently there are only two out of 62 New York counties that have a term-limit policy. I ask you to come out on September 12 and vote for me. If I prevail, I promise I will do my best to make Ulster County the third!

It won’t be easy, but I will work tirelessly to ensure that the votes needed in the legislature to get term limits passed come to fruition. I won’t stop fighting until we push it through. I’ll keep Saugerties residents as well as the rest of the county updated on our progress, keeping everyone informed on who is helping and which elected officials are putting up roadblocks to our righteous cause.

I promise that I’ll never forget who I work for. Serving is a privilege, not a pasttime.

Joe Maloney
County legislature candidate,
District 2


I support Altieri

As a business owner in the Town of Saugerties for over 50 years, I would like to take a moment to extend my support to Vincent Altieri for the Saugerties town board. I have known Mr. Altieri for over 20 years and feel that we as a community could not ask for a more accomplished candidate.

Mr. Altieri has lived in the Town of Saugerties for 15-plus years. He has been employed with the Ulster County sheriff’s office for 32 years. During his time with them he has risen up through the ranks of street patrol to his current position as captain. As captain, he oversees over 100 full and part-time employees, prepares and manages a seven-million-dollar budget, promotes community services, encourages and implements advanced trainings as well as seeking environmentally sound cost-cutting measures to be achieved.

Vincent is a member of the American Legion and Legion Riders Group.

He is an amazing father to his 13-year-old daughter, who attends Saugerties junior high.  Rumor has it that you may have also seen him around Christmas time as one of “Santa’s Helpers,” playing Santa at both Lox of Bagels and Riccardi Elementary School for the last several years with his “elf” daughter right by his side.

While I feel that I have provided more than ample reasoning for my decision to support Mr. Altieri, I cannot stress enough that his experience, professionalism, community loyalty and determination far surpass the rest. Mr. Altieri can only benefit our efforts in assembling a town board that will truly work for the people.

Nick Steyer
Steyer’s Hudson Valley Automotive


Chris Allen’s accomplishments

Since 2014 when I was first elected to the Ulster County Legislature to represent District 2, I have worked very hard to handle the needs of 9000-plus residents within Saugerties and Malden. In 45 months, I have been able to work with town and village officials in order to facilitate the repair of numerous local roads, have trees removed from residents’ properties and have issues of air and noise pollution addressed within the village. In addition, I have worked with county and state officials in order to facilitate the repair of drainage ditches, storm drains and county highways while also arranging to have six dangerous trees removed from a homeowner’s property in Barclay Heights.

On numerous occasions, I have also assisted Saugerties residents with constituent concerns when they did not even live in my legislative district. In addition, I was able to have CSX Railroad clean up excessive construction stone from a dangerous crossing on Doyle’s Lane. For every letter to the editor that has appeared in this publication, I have assisted at least four or five times as many constituents on various issues.

And although I have only been a legislator for 45 months, I have enjoyed the distinction of serving on important committees within the Ulster County Legislature. I am the only Saugerties legislator who sits on the Ways and Means Committee, I am the vice-chairman of the Health Care Committee, and I previously served on the Economic Development and Tourism Committee for two years and the Highways and Public Works Committee for one year. I authored Ulster County’s policy on Lyme disease awareness, and I have received unanimous bipartisan support on several legislative resolutions calling for reforms in federal and state healthcare laws.

I have also been an advocate for economic development along Kings Highway, and as a member of the Economic Development Committee I was able to facilitate the appointment of a Saugerties small business owner onto the Ulster County Industrial Development Authority board. This IDA board member has served Saugerties and Ulster County well, as his lobbying efforts have contributed to the expansion of more natural gas lines being installed along Kings Highway.

As a fiscal conservative, I have voted on four Ulster County budgets that reduced county spending and lowered county property taxes for the 2017 budget. In 2012, the Ulster County budget was $363.6 million. This year’s budget was $324.9 million. In 2005, Ulster County government employed over 1750 employees who received benefits. In 2017, that number of employees has been reduced to 1303.

I do not have any members of my family working in county government, and I do not harbor any hidden agendas against county executive Mike Hein or the Republican caucus. I have lived in Saugerties for over 35 years, and I look forward to serving Saugerties residents for another two years in the legislature.

Chris Allen
Ulster County Legislature,
District 2


Altieri the perfect candidate

I am writing this letter in support of Vincent “Vinnie” Altieri, who is running for the Saugerties town council. Vinnie has lived in Ulster County for his entire life, and in Saugerties for the last 15. He has served and protected our community for the last 32 years as a member of the Ulster County sheriff’s department. Vinnie currently oversees a seven-million-dollar budget and supervises nearly 100 full- and part-time employees as the Captain of Police Services in Ulster County.

Vinnie is the perfect candidate to support the Saugerties community. Vinnie is running to listen to taxpayers, to make reasonable and informed financial decisions while keeping the small businesses of Saugerties in mind. Vinnie is a community man, a protector of Ulster County, and is the living example of  the word “friend” in our “Welcome to Friendly Saugerties” sign. Please show your support and vote for Vincent Altieri for town council.

Damion Ferraro


Let’s make Saugerties independent!

My name is Chad McPeek, I am a lifetime Saugerties resident who is hoping to have an opportunity to serve all residents of Saugerties.

Currently I hold the position of president of the Saugerties Little League. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Little League board members, local political figures, parents and players in this role. I’m grateful to live in a town like Saugerties and believe strongly in giving back to the community. I have decided to seek a spot on the Saugerties town board and feel strongly in my ability to play a contributing role

As a town council member, I will be involved in all decisions that affect our great community. If elected, I promise to look closely at all decisions to make sure that they are needs and not wants. If it turns out to be a need for our community or agency in our community, I will make sure that we are obtaining it in the most cost-effective method. I will ensure that our hard-earned tax dollar is stretched as far as it can, with the goal of not increasing taxes.

Going into the primary, I will be listed on the Independence ballot. I would like to thank those that I had the opportunity to speak to. Your support continues to motivate me. I look forward to a continued dialogue with Saugerties residents and urge all Independence Party members to come out on September 12 to exercise your right to vote.

I have had the pleasure of speaking with many past, present and those currently seeking either a town council position or a county legislator position. I was very impressed with Joe Maloney. Joe is seeking the position of Ulster County legislator for District 2. I am amazed of the knowledge he has and dedication that he has already displayed though he has not been elected for the position.

Like myself, Joe Maloney is not seeking the position for personal gain. He is doing it for the county and the people that make up the county. Like myself, he is willing to go against the current to make sure that the decisions that are made are necessary, and are being done using the best approach.

Our taxes are a direct result of the decisions that are made on a local and a county level.  There are many steps that could be taken which would allow us to achieve the same result but come with a lower price tag. The only difference is it takes a little more effort to achieve the same result with less burden to the taxpayers.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this article, and I hope to have your support in the primary. If I am fortunate enough to make it to the general election I would greatly appreciate your continued support as I will work for you all on all items that come to the table.

Chad McPeek
Town board candidate


Also for Altieri

I am writing this letter in support of Mr. Altieri’s running for town council. I’ve known Vinnie for twelve years, and I cannot think of anyone I would want more to represent me and my family on the council.

Vinnie already serves our community as a highly dedicated and respected member of our sheriff’s department. Talk to him for a short while about issues confronting our town and you realize quickly that here is someone who cares deeply about issues that are important to the well-being and growth of not only Saugerties but its residents as well.

Lou Collins


For Joe Roberti, Jr.

I am voting for Joseph Roberti, Jr. for town board in the Republican primary scheduled for next Tuesday, September 12.

Joe served several terms in the Ulster County Legislature and he’s a lifelong Saugerties resident. He is an active member of the community and has volunteered his time for Republican causes and candidates for over 20 years. What I like about Joe is that he’s a critical thinker and he follows through on things. He’s also terrific with budgets and contracts.

Like all Saugerties propertyowners, my taxes are too high. Joe understands how town government works and has proven expertise when it comes to budgetary matters. He will work hard to eliminate wasteful spending and look for new ways to lower our taxes. The town board sorely needs people like Joe, strong leaders willing to think differently to make government work more efficiently.

Joe will be the advocate taxpayers need on the town board. He has the skills and ability to really make a difference. He also really loves Saugerties and wants to see our community thrive. On primary day, September 12, I urge my fellow Saugerties Republicans to vote for Joe.

William Myers


Support for Joe Roberti

I’m writing to express my support for Joe Roberti for town board. Joe is one of the most straightforward and honest individuals I have had the pleasure to know. I have only known Joe for a few years but in the short time that I’ve known him I’ve learned one major thing. Joe really cares about the town of Saugerties and more than that he cares about the taxpayer.

I myself will personally be voting for Joe on that alone. Saugerties is one of the most highly taxed towns to live in. I believe Joe will do his best to try to fix that. Thank you, Joe Roberti.

Raymond C. Minew